Bishop’s Corner

Bishop Keith Allen/ P.U.S.H. West Virginia

Higher & Deeper In The Lord

I want to thank God for Jesus, Awesome God we serve, What a Mighty and Strong God we Serve, food for thought, isn’t it funny how we hang around people who are just like we are, we are in our comfort zones and is stagnant in our growth in the Lord because we have a tendency to adapt to our environment and we say we are Ok because we are looking and measuring ourselves by those who are in our circle or our church, My prayer is that in 2019 we pray the prayer of Jabez that God would enlarge our territory and enlarge our coast, that I want the Holy Ghost or to others the Holy Spirit to take me places where no man has been before, just sayin if we use 10 percent of our brain, what is the other 90 percent for, I believe so we can tap into the spiritual realm of God, The Bible speaks of higher heights and deeper depths, don’t we want to go higher and deeper in the Lord, Just Sayin,
From the Bishops Corner

Brand New Day

I want to thank God for a brand new day full of New Mercies, New Beginnings, New Possibilities, New Challenges, New Ventures, New Opportunities, God has given us a Brand New Day either you can use it to do something Brand New or drown in yesterday’s sorrows, misfortunes, hurts and pains, yesterday’s problems or you can take advantage of a Brand New Day, for this is the Day, Your Day, what will you do with the Gift of Life Today. From The Bishops Corner


I would like to share something that is on my heart, Jesus said these works I do you will do these and greater, it grieves my heart and spirit, see the different agendas of the churches as if it is about the pastor or church building a name for themselves, and will not come into the unity of the faith and the bond of peace and come together as one Jesus said me and my father are one, I don’t do this of myself I do it of the father, if you seen me you have seen the father for we are one, where there is unity there is strength, if one will put a thousand to flight and two ten thousand, it’s about unity if the body of Christ would come together we could wipe out hunger and homelessness, we could be the for the broken and the hurting our children is suffering because they don’t know anything about salvation because we make excuses for our inconsistency and our sins, we don’t let our life shine so men can see Jesus, we are trying to be somebody in the eyes of men, Jesus said if i be lifted up I will draw all men unto myself, let’s lift Jesus up, He has been given a name above all names, that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, from the Bishops Corner

Not A Life Sentence

I want to Thank God for his grace and mercy, from Twelve years old until 19 I was on a destructive path drinking and getting high, selling drugs and taking them cocaine, microdote, window pane, bladder, meth and my life was going down hill fast, I didn’t feel like no one loved me and no one cared,I was in and out of jail, the verdict for my life I would be in prison for the rest of my life, I would die of a overdose, or someone would kill me before I turned 21, in 1981 I had a series of encounters with God and one day under the apple tree in whipper West Virginia I looked up toward heaven and I spoke directly to God and said if you are real I need you to save me, I don’t want to know the God of the church but if you real save me, on a list of 5000 who was mostly to succeed I was not even on the list on my destiny people had spoken doom over my life but God said not so and saved me in 1981 I am 60 now and God keeps on Blessing me, your past does not determine your future a mistake is not Life sentence, From Bishops Corner

Change Depends On You

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I want to thank God for another day , Awesome God we serve, Life is not fair. No one said it would be, What do you do when you have done all you can do, Sometimes there are decisions that need to be made, Nothing changes unless you change them, Sometimes making changes you might lose some things that you love but does not or is not conclusive to where God is carrying you, You can remain in a relationship that carries you to the same place every year. The first time you can say its a mistake anything more than once its a choice, If what you are doing is keeping you off balance, you have to let it go. Nothing changes unless you change it.

Best Is Yet To Come

best is yet to come push ministries

Want the to thank this Amazing God I serve, He is A Wonderful Savior, there has been times that I have had catastrophic events to happen in my life, I have been on the bottom and the bottom drop out of the bottom and it seemed like I wasn’t going to make it, heart ripped out until I was numb, lied on by people who did not know me, some trials and tribulations where I felt like I could not get up, some induced by decision I made, but God is not slack Concerning his promises not a man that he would lie, 2 years ago on Christmas Eve I was rushed to the stroke center in Huntington WV in transport The devil said I was going to die, or I would walk with a limp, mouth would be twisted, arm and hand would be drawn up but I heard God speak to me and said I couldn’t die and the devil was a liar the father of a lie and a liar from the beginning This Amazing God said the best is yet to come, For you who just go to church and quote scriptures the only way to be filled and fulfilled is to allow the Holy Spirit to saturate and permeates your heart and be Adonai The Lord and Master of your life He will always perform his word, His word will go out and accomplish what he sent it out to do and it will not return void, have a blessed day.
From the Bishops Corner