Bishop’s Corner

Bishop Keith Allen/ P.U.S.H. West Virginia

A Time For Healing

I want to Thank God for a new day full of new mercies, God spoke to me about an assignment and crusade that he has ordained for me to carry out in 2018, God spoke to me and said that 2018 would be A Time For healing, He said the church is hurting, my people is hurting and broken and needs to be healed, revival will not come until my people are healed, Jesus spoke and said Healing is the Children’s bread, and by his stripes ye are healed, coming soon to a place near you, From the Bishops Corner

Winds Of Life

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I want to thank God for another days journey, I am blessed by the Best, He is an Awesome God, Every day for me is a blessing God gives me a new day with new opportunities another Chance to get it right and because Gods love is unconditional and awesome, I am not exempt from trials tribulations and the storms of life, there is one thing I know as I ride the storms and the winds of life, sometimes I fallen and i did not have the strength to get up and at times did not think I would make it, But This Great God Reaches down with his mighty hand and picks me up and loves me back to health and tells me I am His Son. Thank God For Jesus. I want to encourage someone to Day the same God has you in the Palm of His hand, let Him love you to health.

Shadow Of The Almighty

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I want to Thank God for another day, for those who love me I thank the almighty God for your love and support, for the haters, the church goers, the self righteous, all those who have slandered my name and don’t know me, I am cool with it and I would like to Introduce myself, I am a Child of the most High God who sits High and looks low, Who knew me before I was formed in my Mothers womb, Who called me from the foundation of the word before God said Let Us make man, I was in the Fathers thoughts and heart, and my destiny is sure, I am not perfect, I am flawed, I have been brokened, I have errored and have made a lot of bad decisions, fallen been wounded, had fallen did not think I would ever get up, but, The respirator of Life breathe in me that I might have life and have it more abundantly, i have cried for weeks and months because i had been so broken and alone, Church folks put their foot on my neck while i was going through the worst battle of my life, but, The Navigator of Life and the Master of my destiny spoke peace,life and healing, and told me i would live and not die, I remember growing up as a child one Christmas i got a yogi bear punching bag, I would punch and punch and punch the bag sometimes it look like it wasn’t going to get up but every time it would get back up again each time i have been knocked down the Master Adonai would speak a word A Rhema word and through his power i was able to get back up again, for you that don’t know me, you wasn’t there in my midnight hour when all hell was breaking loose seem like every hell hound was coming against me, But i hear this Omnipotent God say not so, I love him with all my heart am I perfect, NO, but my love and my heart is perfect towards him, so if you want to know who I am check with The Father, No weapon formed against me shall prosper, God did not say it would not be formed, and every wagging tongue that rise up against me shall be condemned, and this is the heritage of the children of God, For You Haterers, I will always do WWJD, I will pray for you and love you, and I want to thank you because it makes me cry out to this Great God I serve the more, it makes me retreat to the Secret place of the Most High God, He that dwells in the secret place shall abide under the shadow of The Almighty, and your arms are too short to box with God, The Battle is Not Mine, its The Lords so if you have a problem with me take it up with the Lord.
…from the Bishops Corner

Be Better Than Yesterday

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I want to Thank God for another beautiful day, I love the Lord because he first Loved little old me, God is an awesome God, while everyone else saw the worsed in me, they saw a drunk, an old drug addict, someone who would never amount to any thing, no future, no destiny, no purpose, the verdict on my life I would die of an overdose, in jail for the rest of my life, or i would be dead before my 18th birthday, but God saw the best in me in 1981 God saved me and turned my life around, not perfect, but striving to be better than yesterday, I may not be all i should be but I am not what i Use to be, and not what I am going to be

Live Life On Purpose

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Have you ever known people who are trying to be a man or a woman, You don’t have try to be what God has designed you to be, too many people are looking to be confirmed by people or a job the preacher the school teacher the next door neighbor instead of being what God has designed us to be, God designed us with divine destiny and divine purpose live. Life on purpose it is your divine destiny to live life on purpose never give anyone power of attorney over your life no matter what has happened in our life as adults we are responsible to live life on purpose and we are accountable to God and no one else, never let others rain on your parade or steer your boat you are the captain of your own ship, be blessed and have a good Day, Food for thought from the Bishops Corner

God Is My Rock

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We greet you in the name of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ, I thank God for another new day full of new mercies and full of Gods grace, such an awesome God, He is my Wonderful Counselor when I need therapy I go to the rock that is higher than I, I have learned to stay off the phone and go to the throne, because the bible declares and I decree that Jesus Christ is sitting at the right hand of God making intercession for me, and Jesus is pleading my case to God, I don’t care what comes or what or who steps out of your life and how dramatic it is or how dramatizing it is or how catastrophic it is Jesus said cast all your cares on him for He cares for you, No temptation or trial but what is common to man But God wimpy put no more on you than you can bear But out of all will make away of escape, you have to follow the escape route don’t take a detour because it will take you longer to get to your destination stay on course and God will always see you through, Be Blessed and enjoy Gods day for this is the day that the Lord has made.

Change Your Life

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Good morning God, Thank You for another day you are the greatest you are Awesome, wonderful magnificent beautiful loving you are my everything, I want to thank God for saving and delivering me in 1981 from drugs and alcohol , I was lost and hurting wounded and in pain, I thought that the drugs and alcohol medicated and numb me, and it only created more problems anger frustrations not being able to hold a job, mad at the world, depressed and wanted to blame everyone and everybody for my issues, but really I was not angry with everyone I was angry with myself and blamed every one for things I done and really the only one who had the power to change my life, never give people the power of attorney over your life to be able to control or hurt you never be in denial when God has spoken in your spirit to walk away, to let it go, don’t allow your mind to make excuses why you should stay when someone is hurting you and the pain is so great and your mind is telling you, to stay don’t even weigh in the people who is causing the catastrophe damage in you life sometimes you have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired, and take control of your own life every new day is filled with new opportunities, new relationships, new adventures, new life actually when you thing about it God gives us a brand new day to start over again, if we didn’t get it right Tuesday, Wednesday is a. Ew day a new start a day we have never seen before yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never be mine, Lord for my sake teach me to take one day at a time, from the bishops corner, PS God has the power to deliver you and set you free, who the Son set free is free indeed, have a blessed day

Perfect Day

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Good morning, I want to thank God for another perfect day, He is an awesome God and worthy to be praised, thank Him for all he does for me, how God sent angels by my bedside and breathe the breath of life and gave me this brand new day, I realize it was not the alarm clock that woke me this morning so I say Thank you God, what will I do with this day, it is my choice to use this day to glorify and magnify the Lord and let my light shine, to touch someone’s life and impact it in a way that they will see the light and glorify my Father which is in heaven, choices of life is ours to make we have been authorized and empowered and given the authority to write the different chapters of life if you did not like the chapter that you are in start writing a new chapter after all you are the autofocus the life and the book you are living write every chapter to the end of being a champion and not the victim, winner not a loser, happy not sad, healthy and not sick, prosperous and not poor in spirit and blessed and not living in lack, on this perfect day that God has given you what will you do with it, From the Bishops corner, ps never to late to start over again and again that is why God gave you a New Day Full of New Mercies, God bless you and have a wonderful day.

The Storm Is Over

Good Morning, God is Good and all the time God is Good, God has impressed on my heart to speak this message to someone who is at wits end, to Come unto him all ye that labor and are heavy laden, when you sick and tired of being sick and tired, when you are mentally physically and emotionally drain, you really feel like given up, I have a word from the Lord for you, Help is on the way, weeping endures for a night joy comes in the morning God is turning your hopeless situation around, the storm is over and everything is going to be alright, Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem , God told me to Tell you That He loves you and you mean so Much and you are worth The Life of His only Begotten Son and you are valuable and is more valuable than all the Silver and Gold, That you are his and He sent this word because God Loves you and He has turned and is turning what looks to be a hopeless situation, He told me to Tell you the storm is over,

What A Mighty God We Serve

My Thoughts From God To you, a relationship is a lot of sacrificing, giving,receiving, saying forgive me and I am sorry, communicating and listening, God Love you so much and gave his Only begotten Son to die in our stead, He wanted to develop a relationship with us that he called us Friend, sons and daughters, He wanted us to cry out Abba, Our Father, Adonia, Lord and Master, Because The Lord is My Shepherd relationship with The Father, I shall not want, He supplies our needs, He leads us beside the still water, He protects us, he restores my Soul, when I am at the end of the road and I can’t take not one more thing or I will Break, God restores my soul, Yea Though I walk through the Valley Of the shadow death I will Fear No evil for Thou are with me, God promises to never Leave you or forsake you because He is always with Us, God said Goodness and Mercy will Follow us all the days of our life, That Goodness and mercy will run us down and overtake us, What A Mighty God We Serve, God said If you draw near to Me, I AM right here waiting on YOU