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Please Pray For This Family

Yesterday we received a call out of the Atlanta Ga area. A young man who was incarcerated in a county jail apparently has been very abused by the staff in the prison. His mom got a call and when she called the sheriff’s office about her son she got various answers. We as United We Stand called and had an officer tell us the young man was right in front of him. Another officer told the mom yes there was a problem. Mom went to the PD station and asked to see her son or have an officer go down and take a picture so she would know for sure he was ok. They denied her. Please be praying God exposes the truth suddenly,

A Need

Yesterday a lady came to us whose home was completly destroyed by fire. There was no insurance and she lost everything down to her stove and fridge. She has a job. Has worked hard to try to restore just the simplistic of things. She is in need of everything including pots and pans, table chairs bed towels sheets etc. As a group that believes in unity can we come together and help this lady. She lives in Oak Hill. Has been staying with a friend. She has found a trailer she can move into but it has nothing in it.
If you are able to help please drop off donations to 201 Maple Ave Oak Hill or send financial donations to PO BOx 33 Scarbro, WV.
Thank you and God Bless You!