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Men’s Core Prayer Team

Men’s core prayer team for United We Stand. Apostle Mike Allen. Elder High McCoy. Pastor Les Allen. Pastor rob Hicks and Bishop Keith Allen. Different churches coming together in Unity for our communities

UWS Worship Service

United We Stand
Prayer Praise &
Worship Service

Mark your calendars for Saturday June 22, 2019 for our United We Stand
Praise Prayer and Worship Service. All are invited. We especially want to invite
those who have been incarcerated, family members who have someone incarcerated,
and all Prayer Warriors and musicians.
Call 276-233-9019 if you have any questions.
PUSH Ministries
201 Maple Ave
Oak Hill WV 25917

Justice For Jacob

I am currently a prisoner being housed in the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) where I am serving my 14th year of a Three(3) life sentence(s) plus 23 year term that was imposed by the York County Circuit Court in York County, Va. on December 19, 2002.

Read More About Jacob’s Story Along With Others By Clicking The Link Below
Visit United We Stand Here

Mindy Jones-Dunlap

Well thought it was time to update my status it’s been a long time. Where to being it has been crazy time lately for both Dave and I to say the least . God does work in mysterious ways start off really bad going to jail for first time and stayed there for three and a half months for a anywhere else on earth besides oak Hill you get a ticket. But turning into a most unexpected blessing Dave and I are more in love and appreciate each other then ever before we’re currently working with two great people Jill McAllister Burcham and Keith Allen the bishops from the push ministries here in Oak Hill getting involved with the United we stand program .My daughter went to her senior prom she’s so beautiful and graduating May 17th so proud of her. And I know this is just the beginning of our new journey as God is the center of are life.