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Going Through Changes

We invite you to join us on a phone conference this Tuesday for our Women of Purpose Meeting, as our topic will be “Going through Changes”
To connect with us call 857-232-0357 with Conference Code 238160
Time is 1 pm eastern. We look forward to meeting and interacting with you!!
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Women of Purpose

We are excited to announce we will be able to make Women of Purpose meetings on Tuesday available to everyone. There will be a number to call into then a code. You will be able to fully participate. We look forward to having you at our gatherings.
Join Us Tuesday at 1 PM
This week our topic will be Depression!
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Easter 2019: Holy Week At The Kingdom

Monday April 15th
Pastor Jill Burcham – PUSH Ministries Oak Hill
Tuesday April 16th
Marie Jones – Glorious Church of God and Christ Mt. Hope
Wednesday April 17th
Bishop David Allen – Welcome Baptist Church Beckly
Thursday April 18th
Elder Thomas Allen – Glorious Church of God and Christ Mt. Hope
Friday April 19th
Bishop Randall Smith – Greater Hopewell Full Baptist Gastonia, NC
Saturday April 20th
Bishop Keith Allen – Kingdom Unification Fellowship Powered by PUSH

Standup For Injustice

We are experiencing an unjust judicial System where they are giving Black Men Longer sentences than other races and we need to rise up and say something and bring national attention to this epidemic that is happening right before our eyes, it is a shame that there is no one concerned about it in our communities, they are railroading our children in Jail just like they herd cattle and we must Unite and rise up and say Enough is Enough, If it is ever been a time for not just black people but all people is to stand up and Rise up and make our Voices heard in Fayette County They have given our Children 50 and 75 years just to make an example out of Our Children, Stand Up and Say Enough is Enough whether they are black white or Hispanic an Injustice is a injustice, Bishop Keith Allen