P.U.S.H. Georgia

P.U.S.H. Georgia

Convicted Hearts

PUSH Ministries is pleased to announce the launching of Convicted Hearts. Bishop Keith Allen will be directing this ministry for people coming out of prison with felonies or other charges that find it difficult to fit back into society. Convicted Hearts will offer counseling, mentoring, job placement and more.
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Parenting Network

The Parenting Network has been developed for parents of all ages of children can share experiences, share challenges as well as network with other parents. This network will be developed on Facebook, our website, individual counseling as well as group sessions.
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2018 A Time For Healing

Join us for this great move of God April 14th an 15th.
If you are interested in having this great move of God come to your church or community, please reach out to us at jburcham@pushministries.org OR 276 235 1059

Bless Is Not Less

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Today as we attended the Service Without Walls Outreach Bishop Allen and I were approached by this tall skinny young man with vibrant blue eyes. He asked me if I was Irish and I told him no. He had been rambling and talking in circles and a little hard to understand. He asked us to pray for him and we did. At the end of the prayer Bishop said God Bless You. He put his hands to his ears and said please don’t say that. He went on to explain that to him the word bless meant be less. It was heart breaking. As he walked away he started rapping about his pain. We then learned he was a Vet that the system had failed. So tonight we want to thank Chawania and Tremain for allowing us to participate and also are asking for prayers for this ministry the young man and all those in pain and are mentally ill and need help desperately