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Abundance Of Life

push abundance of life

TODAY SO MANY PHONE CALL asking why they are under such attack- very personal attacks. My answer is that you have to have something very special that the enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy. This is what the Bible says……. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10: 10
Stand boldly! Even though it hurts, and you feel crushed on every angle remember God is more powerful than anything that come against you!#JESUSJESUSJESUS!

It’s Free & It’s Easy!

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TODAY I went out to lunch at restaurant I’ve never been to. I was by myself and really just wanted time to be still. A very sweet young lady came by to take my order. She was very attentive but I could feel she was in so much pain. After several times at the table, I asked her if she was ok and she got big tears in her eyes. She said she was a single mom of a five year old and just having an overwhelming day. She went on to say she was trying to work enough to go back to school and get her 2 year degree.
The manager came over and I shared what a great waitress she was and the manager shared this was her first day. She was really good.
I took today as again a reminder that ministry is NOT inside the walls of the church but where ever God sends us during our daily journey.
All this young lady needed was a word of encouragement. It’s free and it’s easy!
Let’s start speaking life instead of trying to kill people’s spirits with words that certainly are not from God!

Relationships Are So Important

relationships with your kids - push

Relationships are so important, especially with our youth. I had a very unnerving experience when I took a young person to the Health Dept. They filled out the paperwork and when it came to the part that said who can the dr share information with, they wrote no one. When I told them that their parent would probably want to understand any meds or challenges they had, they said no way.
Apparently if a medical facility is federally or state funded a young person even if they are 10 years old has the right to go to the Health dept and get treated without parental permission or knowledge. This seems very scarey. Just makes it more and more important that as parents we are approachable when our youth have challenges.

Cause & Effect

push cause and effect

EVERYthing you do has a direct effect on someone else. Love, hate, giving, selfish, focused or distracted, clean or addicted, truthful or a liar. Before you speak, before you act, take a deep breath and know there are always paybacks – good and bad!

On Path

mighty god push ministries

IT’S INTERESTING how when we go through very difficult situations, God uses the time so show us our strengths and our weaknesses. When things are troubling, our passions seem to rise to the top. This week I have seen how much ” Philly” I still have in me, some old resentments I thought I was rid of, and yet a gratitude for knowing something different and knowing where my Love and Strength my come from. Tonight I’m celebrating God’s Love, His Trust, His Strength, His Clarity and His conviction to keep me on the path.
What a Mighty God we Serve!

Give God Your Best

push ministries give god your best

God gives you His best, not the crumbs. So, why do you think it’s ok not to give God YOUR best?? Time to stop being lazy and put one foot in front of the other and be that walking testimony!

God Created You!

god created you push ministries

GOD CREATED YOU to be a problem solver and not one to create a problem. God told Joshua to possess the land. He told them there would be all kinds of challenges and battles BUT that they were already won. Joshua could have stirred up all kinds of doubt but instead showed the strength and faith of God to get the people to the land. The same is for you. Be the strength, the hope, and the Love that God created you to be and show others how our God works.

Self Doubt & Low Self Esteem

self doubt push ministries

Self doubt and low self esteem are the biggest hurdles to overcome. God created us in perfection and yes, we all have messed up at some time or another BUT God forgave us and we need to forgive ourselves and get ALL of the negative talk out of our ears.
YOU ARE, Because HE IS!!

Hold On A Minute

push ministries hold on a minute

You drop God’s name to sound important, You go to church to be seen but when a challenge comes you are the first to fall apart. God is not just a name, or thing. God IS the creator, protector, healer, supplier, and lover of all. You HAVE to have relationship in order to bring ALL of his blessings. God does not honor a good actor. He will expose you quickly. Stop the fake. Stop trying to get attention. Truly get to know HIM!!

Just Because

push ministries just because

JUST BECAUSE a friend or family member is overwhelmed with stuff, doesn’t mean it’s you or your fault. Each person chooses how to handle things and if they get stuck on certain issues that is their choice and should not be taken out on you.
Family is supposed to be about Love and not judgement. True Friends, look over the broken fences and concentrate on the flowers.
Love you, know you were created uniquely with a God given purpose. Don’t let others choices of how they see you, define who you are. You were created perfectly in the image of God. Walk in boldness that you Are worthy of the best. Step out, surround yourself with others who are seeking the good, and watch God work