Jill’s Corner

Inspirational News From Jill Burcham


Over the past few days several have shared stories that are heartbreaking but so real. With their permission I want to share a couple of them.
1) A man came in today and I noticed he had an attitude that told me he was in a lot of pain and resentment. He was in his sixties. He opened up much to my surprise without me having to ask anything. He said ” you’ll notice I don’t pull any punches” I was raped by a priest as a child and no one would hear me. He said finally the cardinal in Rhode Island wrote a letter of apology but it was too late. He lost his wife and daughter over his resentment and anger. He moved to NC and is trying to start over. He said all he had wanted was someone to hear him and help him understand. He was 7 – 8 when this happened.
2) A young man in his 30’s shared his experiences of being bullied from kindergarten to college. He said he was screaming for help but no one heard him. He was told it is part of life. Today he has very low self esteem and a low tolerance for criticism.
My point through this is…..people can be different and have all types of attitudes – from whiny to angry. What we don’t take time to do is realize they have had some traumatic experiences that have altered what should have been a great life.
We need to stop judging people, even if they are different, and know they were made uniquely and perfectly by God. We also need to take time to listen and know that might be all the person needs and to show you care.
God wants us to take time to take care of His children. Judging and shoving people to the curb is not life it’s abuse!

Truth to Darkness

The past several weeks have been very enlightening and stressful. I know that this is part of the God showing us reality. A few weeks ago an army of DEA agents invaded the community we are staying in. Yes, they had a job to do and we certainly need them. However, I was shown that racial profiling is real.
The road next to our house is a hill that you can not see around. As people went up the hill they were stopped and searched. One man drove up the hill in an Escalade and he was stopped and pulled out of the car and thrown against a telephone pole and had a gun put to his head. That man happened to be my husband. This is a man who came back to his birth place to give back and give people options other than drugs.
After doing a background check they found he was clean and let him go. He asked why they did that and the agent told him he fit the profile of a drug dealer. Nice car, nice house etc. and we lived in the neighborhood.
We went down to the Sheriff’s dept to introduce ourselves to the sheriff and get an idea of what was going on as well as what we were doing in the neighborhood. We all agreed that drugs are an overwhelming challenge here BUT what happened that night was not acceptable. We have to stop operating out of what we think instead of what is truth. Fear has to stop dictating our made up truth.
We can’t save everyone and every situation BUT it is so important we bring Truth to darkness. It’s important that we push the idea that we are ALL created by God and NO ONE is greater than anyone else. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. No one and I mean no one deserves to be treated lesser than someone else.

Had To Share

Today I was in line at Walmart. A mom and her 6 or 7 year old son was in front of us A man rudely came running through and you could feel the mom very uncomfortable. The man got down on his knees talking to the little boy telling him how busy he was and just wasn’t able to come over to see him. The boy answered but dad it’s been since March. The mom’s eyes were welling up with tears. The young boy looked at his dad and said ” Dad, I will always have time for you” The dad looked at him and said ” boy, when I stop working so much I’ll be by”. I wanted to cry for this child. My question is, do we really think when we say things to our children. Do we not realize some of the insensitive things can scar for life.
Help me out here…………..

Mental Illness

It’s time we stand up to the reality of mental illness. Mental illness is a very painful disease that effects not onlythe person suffering but also those around them.
Laws to get people help are getting tougher and tougher. Finding places for people to go to get help are dwindling. Many are not speaking out to say they are struggling and resort to attempted suicide or they are successful.
It is going to take all of us to listen with our ears and heart to help those who are suffering from extreme depression. It’s gong to take all of us to pray that God exposes our family, friends and those in our community who need help.
A man I was very much in love with had been raped by a priest over a several year period. He shared with his family and he was beaten because we didn’t say things like that He was around 10 – 12. When he became 35 he had a nervous breakdown and attempted suicide several times. He was never able to come hom. He passed away a few years ago still in an assisted living facility. IF someone had listened and believed him, according to the dr’s, and gotten him help, he could have had a full life.
Mental Health issues are real! Take time to be aware of local procedures so you are prepared if a situation arises.
Most importantly, Let’s Pray……….Pray Until Something Happens!

I Am Furious!

In a time when violence in schools is at the forefront I had a very bad experience. As many of you know PUSH has a teen hotline and several of us are certified in teen crisis. Early this morning I received a message that a boy in middle school was planning a shooting at his school. He was looking at guns online in school and sharing his plan with friends. I did some investigating and the young man has a history of being in a lot of trouble and also being on medication for other mental disorders. As we are told I call the PD and I’m told no one is there to take my call and that someone would call me back. 6 hours later still no call so I call back. I speak to an officer who takes info and said he d report it to the school Monday. REALLY?? Thos young man needs help! Who knows if he s serious or not but this child needs to be checked out…..Guess Ill have to try something different.

Are You Listening?

As we launch another Convicted Hearts ministry, I’ve been reading and rereading testimonies of many that we have worked with in the past. I was focusing on their prison experience.
Many talked about the bars in the windows and bars on the doors. Others about how tight the living quarters were and the fear of those around them.
As I was listening with my ears I was also listening in my spirit that they were also living in prison in their minds.
How many of us put ourself in an emotional prison. We put our fears, jealously, anxiousness in a box, we jump in the box and put the lid on it. We operate out of our fears. It’s no different than being in prison.
When people share with you listen with your ears and your spirit. Help them get free. Pray, Pray Until Something Happens!