Jill’s Corner

Inspirational News From Jill Burcham

In Interest Of Others

The Bible says : ” Let each of you look out not only for his own interests but also the interests of others: Philippians 2:4

You Were Born For Success

You were born for success. You were born with a God given purpose. You were born to make a difference. Satan’s job is to do all he can to prevent you from fulfilling your Purpose. So, the next time your finances go crazy, your relationship isn’t going quite as planned, the children are acting up, your job is on your last nerve, the car breaks down, you feel lazy, you look in the mirror and remind yourself that ” ALL things are possible with Christ who Strengthens me:…” Tell Satan he is a liar and move on in that Boldness of Christ! You were created to be a winner, now walk in it!

Don’t Get Stuck

Today during church a man got up and testified how God had answered his prayer to get out of his camper into a really nice apt. While testifying he described how he would park his truck and get stuck in the mud and have to get pulled out. People kept telling him to pull up that there was a cement slab and if he parked there he wouldn’t get stuck.
God spoke to me saying the truck represented his vehicle for his spiritual journey. The mud represented trying to do things our way and getting stuck. The cement represented doing things on solid ground and the people represented the ones God sent to keep him safe on His journey

Success Is Possible

As many of us from southwest Virginia our family are huge Hokie supporters ( Va. Tech). Tech has had a tough year this season and for the big rival game against Virginia the Hokies were chosen to lose. As the game started the scored 2 touch downs the first half and had some amazing plays including a young man grabbing the ball with one hand as he was being tacked in the end zone. They went on to win in this nail biter game.
After the game I couldn’t help but think about how many times we discount people’s successes especially our youth because they have had some failures. Last nights game showed with focus , passion and outside support success IS possible.
Praying someone that is going through here’s this and positions themselves to be a winner! I also pray someone hears this and changes their perspective and sees the winner in those that surround them


Since we have come back from Florida we have had several groups messaging us about corruption – anywhere from funds not reaching communities to seniors being forced out of their homes by being told they’re not fixable then people going in and buying the properties for next to nothing.
Im asking you all to pray that God gives us great clarity as to what our assignment is in all of this is. In the meantime will continue to go where God says He needs us to be.


As Keith and I were heading back from dinner, we were discussing differences and similarities. To see us, we are so different on the outside. On paper, he has giftings in some areas and I in others. What binds this all together is our love for each other and more than than our love for God and his assignments.
If we were the same, we would never be able to accomplish all that God has given us.
The same is for the world. We all can’t be the same. God created us all uniquely so that we can work together as a team to accomplish all He has assigned. Denying people in your life because they are different will hurt not only you but also your journey.
It’s so much easier to walk in who you are and share your giftings with a situation than it is to sit back hate and derail a blessing.