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Are You Getting It?

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Every morning, I go through the drive and get me an unsweet ice tea with extra ice and extra lemon. Today, I went through and ordered exactly the same and got the reciept. I went to the window and as normal I took a quick sip. It was sweet. Went around and tried again. Took a sip and it was sweet. Third time I went around and it was finally unsweet with no ice.
As I was driving to PUSH I was asking God what was I to get out of this, and this is what I heard. “How many times do you ask for something and people give you what they want you to have and not what you need. You were specific and it took several tries. There was a written reciept, just as I gave a written word but people ignore My word and give you only as they want you to have and don’t follow the instructions on the paper! “
It’s time for people to start truly reading THE instructions and then giving the world their best!

Get Out Of The Way

push ministries get out of the way

There is a post floating around about a meth bust that happened in 2014 with pictures. It was reposted tonight. What was not taken into consideration is that these young people paid a price and many are trying to start new lives. Rev. Larry Cutler from Oldtown Church Galax posted this today which I have to say holds a whole lot of truth:
“When you talk negative about someone you are establishing their past as their present and projecting it into their future, hence YOU become the DEMON that they must resist. As Jesus said to Peter “Get thee behind me SATAN!”
Enough said…………….


push ministries jills corner

We can all be in a dark place at sometime or another and things seem to be stuck. BUT, God always has a way of sending us a sign. This tree looked like there was no hope and look at it now! Good thing we didn’t cut the tree down! There IS still life and life more abundantly. We have to look beyond our eyesight and know that we know God created and God is in control!!

That’s Not My Jesus!

push ministries scream jesus

HOW CAN YOU SCREAM JESUS, and kick your child to the curb, judge people who are different from you, ignore poverty, put up road blocks to stop someone advancing, not let someone in your church that doesn’t smell or dress right, teach your child they are better than others, and Always have to be right.

It’s Up To You

push ministries up to you

Today, a man came in to PUSH needing a few things. I struck up a converstation with him and found he had just been released from prision the day before. He had nothing.
I told him we’d be more than glad to help with whatever we could.
He looked at me and said ma’am, I want to work and I want to be a good father to my son. I’ve been in prision for several years and have a lot of time to make up to him.
He went on further and said, I don’t want anything. I have ALL I need. My freedom is precious right now and I want to get a job and rebuild my family. I’m going to do my part and I know my God will do the rest. My life is up to me!
Prison can be a physical jail cell or it can be an emotional lockdown. It’s so important to know that You have to take the first steps. You have to make choices to move forward. There’s lots of resources. It’s up to you!! ~ Another……..BUT GOD moment!!

Where Is Your Head?

push ministries use your head

How many speak one thing but are afraid to speak what is really on their mind for fear of being critisized or badgered. It’s time to look in the mirror and know that each voice is as important as anyone elses. When one follows, it is like being a prisioner and told what to think and what to do. Leadership, true leadership should empower, not control. Are you a follower or do you know God created you to have your own voice??


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Addiction comes in all forms and takes over the lives of young and old alike, male and female, professional and the jobless. It comes in the forms of alchohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, food, and even work.
If you talk to anyone who is addicted, you will find that most have huge hearts and just haven’t found their purpose nor have they found a place or a group to fit. Most addicts have deep hurt and have had no one to come along to teach them how to cope with guilt, lonliness, or fear. Addiction takes away focus on reality and creates a world that appears to take away the pain.
We have watched too many over the last several months lose their lives to their addiction. It’s time to stop being afraid of someone’s addiction, sit and listen to them. Many times what isn’t being said is as important as what is. Recovery will not be successful until the person wants it BUT it’s time to start creating an atmosphere that is safe and plant seeds and allow God to do the rest.

A Moment

harassment push ministries

No one and I mean no one deserves to be harassed mentally or sexually in the work place by management or co workers. Find a safe place and report it. If you have any questions, inbox or call us at 276 235 1059. This type of behavior is NOT acceptable!


push don't disrespect

The definition of disrespect is ” discourtesy, rudeness”.
The Bible says ” Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” (Philippians 2:3.)
So with that being said, Not listening, always having to be right, ego, bashing, and being the loudest is disrespect. Disrespect is birthed out of selfishness and lack of confidence. It is annoying but doesn’t have any power except to those who might fuel it.

Hero Syndrome

push give god the glory

I struggle when people give things to someone and want to get all the credit and are upset when others do things for the same person. They get upset because they want to be the “hero” in the situation which leads me to believe it was done out of selfish need and not out of Jesus Love. Jesus gave and gave and always gave His Father the credit. When you give with the Love of Jesus, you don’t need credit because it’s about the person you are giving to and not you. ~ Give God ALL the Glory!