Jill’s Corner

Inspirational News From Jill Burcham

Are You Listening?

As we launch another Convicted Hearts ministry, I’ve been reading and rereading testimonies of many that we have worked with in the past. I was focusing on their prison experience.
Many talked about the bars in the windows and bars on the doors. Others about how tight the living quarters were and the fear of those around them.
As I was listening with my ears I was also listening in my spirit that they were also living in prison in their minds.
How many of us put ourself in an emotional prison. We put our fears, jealously, anxiousness in a box, we jump in the box and put the lid on it. We operate out of our fears. It’s no different than being in prison.
When people share with you listen with your ears and your spirit. Help them get free. Pray, Pray Until Something Happens!

Commitment To God

When you make a commitment to God to serve, you also have to make a commitment that you won’t move until God tells you to move and you see God’s hand. This isn’t about you or your skills, it’s about God using you to show others how powerful a God He is……..#GODIS

Stop Trying To Understand

push stop trying to understand

AS WE WERE FINISHING at our PUSH bldg in Galax today, a young man stopped by to see what PUSH was about. He was newly ordained and had a heart for feeding the homeless. His conversation was so indicative of many who have a heart to serve. He was frustrated with his church. They didn’t want to support what God had told him his Purpose was……..which was feeding the homeless. They wanted him to stay in their parameters and the Pastor was the visionary and only the Pastor.
Unless the church and Pastors start acknowledging that God is the Visionary and God is the leader, churches are going to continue to lose members. Yes, the Pastor is to be respected but Not worshiped. Yes there have to be some parameters BUT GOD sets the rules and is the visionary. It’s time for Pastors and churches to have an ear to hear what God is saying and get away from what people’s opinions are. Individuals, Communities and our Nation are hurting and need hands on individuals. God is 24/7. Why should we not think “the church” shouldn’t be as well.
It’s time to support those called by God even if it isn’t traditional. Stop trying to understand. Pray and Support what and who God has ordained.

Let Go & Let God

let go and let god push ministries

WHEN GOD is in control, everything flows. There is a Peace beyond all understanding. When you try to control there are bumps in the road and lots of frustrion – You don’t sleep, you have headaches, stomach aches and continually have a negative attitude. It’s time to Let Go and Let God! There is no comparison…..#Godisgreater…..


come to far

” I’VE COME TOO FAR………nobody told me the road would be easy. I can’t believe He brought me this far to leave me!!”
It’s time to be renewed!! Stop looking back, leave it behind and allow God to lead you to your new!

Abundance Of Life

push abundance of life

TODAY SO MANY PHONE CALL asking why they are under such attack- very personal attacks. My answer is that you have to have something very special that the enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy. This is what the Bible says……. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10: 10
Stand boldly! Even though it hurts, and you feel crushed on every angle remember God is more powerful than anything that come against you!#JESUSJESUSJESUS!