The Mayne Minute

Tremayne Blair

For Once In “Your Life” Walk It Out In Faith

by Tremayne Blair –

Coming at you to place some straight knowledge on your dome!

God has given me a new fire and has me in an amazing place right now…And I know I’m in an amazing place when I’m sending my Minister Mentor Jermaine, who is by far one the most knowledgeable and wisest men of the word that I know, somethings on my spirit and all he is writing back is “YES!!” lol!

It’s just a great place to be in with the Lord and just want to share the testament of his word with you all…..however I’ma say this now, for anyone who is connected to me right now that thinks the ways of this WORLD are better than the promises of GOD, then in the name of Jesus I pray you are released from me this very moment, because I do not want you dragging on me as I head towards my promises of God, nor do I want to see you jumping and reaching once you seen the promised fulfilled….Yea I went there on a saturday….some of you need to go there too!!

But this is just where I’m at and the revelation God has been given me in my recent prayer time. Let each and everyone of us allow this to sit and minister to our souls over the weekend…I spoke on this a little in my last status but God says go deeper so here we go….

2 questions….whats the use of reading the word if your not going to apply the word in your life? That question is the question I want to use to structure this question for you….why is it so hard for us as humans to walk in faith? Is it because we can’t see what God has spoken or promised over our lives?….don’t you know that we actually aren’t suppose too.. 1 Corinthians 2:9 says this “However, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared (promised) for those who love him” (NIV) God doesn’t expect you to see it….he expects you, in your faith, to simply believe in it, again thats why also in Hebrews 11:6 it says “And without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” (NIV) This means that you could have done 1,000 great deeds in this world, but not had faith in anything God wanted to give you and at that point upon judgement day God will look at you and say “Turn away from me, because in your time of deeds I never knew you (because of the lack of your faith) Matthew 7:23 (NIV) I’m just here to help and speak truth to you all today because I want ALL of you to have what God has in store for you….Now here’s the biggest and NUMBER ONE reason many people have trouble or just simply will not walk something out in faith when God speaks to them or through someone to them…It is because upon the time of him speaking to them, what he spoke does not fit into THIER “right now” plans……..yea I’ma let that sink in for a moment…..We convince ourselves that what we think or want for our lives is best….yet if we were truly walking a Christian life our life would already be handed over to God in the FAITH and promise of his word that says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)…..all………ALL he is merely asking of us is to seek him and walk in faith. Yet we make it so hard….for example take a trash bag with a million dollars in it and set it 50 feet in front of you…..would you go to it?…..YES!! you would!!…why? Because A.) you can see it and B.) you know its worth….but catch this, the more you play into what you SEE the quicker it disperses out of your life, because you will spend that million dollars only to find yourself broke again….My God I hope you caught that just now!! This is why God says walk in faith…because the materials and offers of this world are only temporary….But the blessings as a result of your faith are everlasting, this goes for God calling you into ministry or speaking a word over your life, perhaps God has spoken something to you or through someone in regards to a relationship of a man and woman, He could have revealed a revelation of your journey in life, whatever it is I compel you….walk in faith….So allow me to wrap up the 2nd question by again asking you the first…..Whats the use of even reading the bible if your not going to apply it into your life?

Once In A Life Time

Special Dedication To My Lord and Savior by Tremayne Blair –

As a little boy I use to dream of the big stage
I couldn’t wait to see my name in lights….
Yes I had a dream so big it would make a mountain seem small
Couldn’t wait till I had it all….
The closer I get to
The more distant I feel
The more I thought I had, the less it all seemed real
Suddenly I found, the only thing for me that counts
And I can’t imagine my life…without you…….
Once In A lifetime you find a love you know is real
Once In A Lifetime you find something that makes your songs live
Once In A Lifetime you find a friendship well worth the wait
And Once In A Lifetime you find a joy you can’t replace…
I use to think that it was the trophies on my wall
Thought if I won then I would have it all
And I couldn’t wait till everybody knew my name
I Had my own idea of fame
The Closer I get
The more distant I feel
The more I thought I had, the less it all seemed real
Suddenly I found, the only thing for me that counts
And I can’t imagine my life…..without you….
Once in a lifetime you find a love you can’t let go
Once in a lifetime you find a purpose to live on
Once in a lifetime you find the meaning of your dreams
Once in a lifetime you find the one who gives life meaning
Once in a lifetime I fine the best thing I know
Once in a lifetime there’s no sign of letting go
Once in a lifetime I wouldn’t change a single thing
Once in a lifetime you make my whole world sing….

Satan Is just A Dummy

by Tremayne Blair

Ya know when you really sit and think about it, Satan is just a dummy
He’s always causing chaos, and swears that its so funny
Yet when he puts you in your hole thats when he’s already been setup
Because the deeper he tries to dig you, all you can really do is look UP
But see UP is a very good thing because its where your power is among the depths
… Its where you shout with a voice of triumph
And is where scripture says “from which commeth your help”
Cause see the deeper he tries to dig you, the quicker God turns that thing around
So that instead of sitting in your hole
your now standing on the ground
And that hole he can’t condemn you for there’s nothing he can decree
For your battle was always the Lords and you stand atop victory
So when the enemy comes a diggin
And you feel you’ve been setup
Walk in it with a glorified smirk
Cause he already has you looking up