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Women Of Purpose

Great meeting today with the Women of Purpose. Lots of community projects discussed. If you would like to join us we will be meeting Tuesday 27th of Nov. at 1 pm. We would love to have you. 201 Maple Oak Hill, WV. 276 233 9019

Clothing Donation

Women of Purpose Clothing Bank and giveaway

Tammy Keys, Director of Women of Purpose folding recently donated clothing. Clothing is available Monday thru Saturday for those in need.

Clothing Giveaway A Success

P.U.S.H. Ministries is pleased to announce another successful Clothing Giveaway this past Saturday Feb. 9th, held in the Rooftop of Va. Building. Over 400 were blessed with clothing coming from a 5 county area. A big thank you to all who helped to set up and all who came and volunteered on Saturday and all those who made contributions to make this such a successful event! For more information about this event and others email jburcham@pushministries.org or tkeys@pushministries.org
May God Bless ALL you do for Him!

Clothing Giveaway

Pastor Jill Burcham, Founder of P.U.S.H. Ministries chatting with one of the visitors to the giveaway

Chad and Ashley

Chad McMillian Founder of ChainBreakers and President of P.U.S.H Ministries . w/ Ashley Gillespie volunteering during Giveaway













 Blessed with clothes to be a blessing to those in need.

Blessed with clothes to be a blessing to those in need.