Women of Purpose

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Women’s Support Group

Tuesday at 1 pm at PUSH Ministries 201 Maple Oak Hil, WV
If as a women you are experiences new overwhelming changes in your life, if you are challenged with your relationship or children, if money is overwhelming or you are alone or depressed please come by. EVERYONE is welcome. Phone: 276 233 9019

Women Of Purpose

Great meeting today with the Women of Purpose. Lots of community projects discussed. If you would like to join us we will be meeting Tuesday 27th of Nov. at 1 pm. We would love to have you. 201 Maple Oak Hill, WV. 276 233 9019

Clothing Donation

Women of Purpose Clothing Bank and giveaway

Tammy Keys, Director of Women of Purpose folding recently donated clothing. Clothing is available Monday thru Saturday for those in need.