As my journey with my dad continues this week, we had a day yesterday.  His favorite treat is to go to Cracker Barrel which is about 45 minutes from the house.  We started out, and about 15 minutes into the drive, the road was closed.  No warning!  Hmmm.  So we U turned and found a road to get on the interstate and finally after an hour go to Cracker Barrel.

To our suporise it wasn’t busy and we were seated in the very back room.  Then the fun began.  It took 20 minutes to be waited on then another 40 minutes to get our food ( eggs, grits and a salad).  The waitress had definete attitude.  It got so bad my dad and I just burst out laughting.  We finished and started back home.

Dad said he needed to go to the bank so off we went.  I went in with him ( he’s a little wobbley) and the lady told him he didn’t show having an account there. ( He’s had one for 30 years ).  It took her over 45 minutes to finally determine he had an account.  ( he even had his debit card with him )  and the funny thing was he was trying to cash an insurance check for 9.07  .  Mission finally accomplished.

As we got in the car I started wondering how people would expect God to react to them when they needed His services.  When people are in customer service positions they need to have the Jesus priniples taught.  Treat each person with respect, be accountable and if you are having challenges ask for help.

I thank God every day that I don’t have to depend on people – God’s customer service is always done right on time, with love!