Each day when we awake, we know that we will experience the beauty of God in our lives when we are His. We never know what He is going to do, who He is going to send, or where He is going to send us. Many mornings I am so thankful for the songs that the birds sing especially for me, because I know that my God has written the songs with me on His heart.  As, my day goes on, I know that day I am living  only to please Him.  I have learned that each day is a new season in my life,  that I am here for a purpose, and that song that woke me was my strenghth. For this season, I had to speak words that didn’t make someone comfortable, but they were from the Word of God, I had to say no, when my heart wanted to say yes, I had to move out of my comfort zone to lead someone to Him. For this season, I was obedient to His instructions, and so tonight I know He is working on my new song.