Everytime I look in the mirror I can’t believe my youngest daughter is 21 and my oldest son is 37 nor that I have a granddaughter who will be 15 in a few weeks. I keep asking my self how come by body looks so much older but I feel pretty much the same on the inside – maybe a little more at peace and a little more wisdom but I still think im 35…..until I try to play basketball with my girls or try to stay up til 2.

While staying with my parents these past few weeks, I have watched people in their 90’s planning cruises, playing tennis, working out on treadmills – still taking care of themselves and living life.  It has been such a blessing

Life is an attitude not matter how old we are.  We can be old at 50 if we are not active and just shut down.  We can be young and full of life at 90 if we see life as just that – participating.

I may not shoot basketball the way I used to BUT I am participating in life and love every minute of it.