As I continue to seek God for His awesome wisdom concerning the event of last friday morning, witnessing a man take his own life, He has pressed upon my heart the word “bearing”. I have begun to ask myself, am I bearing the burdens of others and if I am, what have I been doing in the physical to help them. Many times in life we know that someone is going thru something that is and can be drastically life changing. We pray and counsel as we are instructed and taught as believer. But, many times we leave it right there. When a man, woman, or child is hurting in the physical we know that God is there with them, but sometimes in the midst of this hurt, they do not. Recently, I took a class at my church and was asked to write down 10 people in my inner circle that were unsaved, I could not! That was the beginning of God speaking to me about “bearing another’s burdens”. I have surrounded myself with others of like mind, because they keep me focus, hold me accountable to “them”, and continue to keep me filled with the Word. Why,¬†because this is my comfort zone. In order for me to truly effective for my Father, I have to live my life outside of my comfort zone at all times. I now know that praying for someone because they asked me or because I see something that is not comfortable is not what He means when He says, “pray without ceasing”. Before I put my car in drive at the beginning of each day, I pray for safe traveling mercy, but now I pray without ceasing, because that car I just pass, the car in front of me, or the car beside me might have someone in it that just need to have a short pray sent up for them by someone who knows how to get a prayer thru. When we “bear another’s burdens”, we are to carry or support them, to suffer under the weight of that burden ourselves, and God will give us a testimony! I have mine, today, and I say Thank You, Lord.