by Tremayne Blair –

Ever notice how in every shipwreck found in the ocean, still they manage to find the most amazing treasure inside of it?…….Well the same applies to you and your life! I don’t care how bad you have “shipwrecked” yourself based on past mistakes in your life, that in NO WAY changes the treasure God has had placed inside of you all along……..In fact you might want to pray and ask God to sink your ship of lies, temptations, distractions, addictions, ect in order for your treasure to be found.


You Won’t find this in a coffee cup!!! lol!

Solve for X:
You won’t lay on your face to spend time with the most high in prayer or in his word—–But you will let a man/woman come lay in your bed.
You’re not chasing after God with all your heart or come running at the mentioning of his name—–But you instantly will run to the club, vacation spot, or anywhere else the mo ment a friend blows up your cell phone.
You spend so much time conditioning, beautifying, or making handsome the look of your flesh just to impress an idol of this world——But won’t spend as much time conditioning, bringing strength and making beautiful the spirit mind and heart of that which dwells within you which would keep you from idolizing anything of this world.
God speaks and your ears become deaf….Satan so much and introduces any type of temptation or enticement and you ask him to turn it up.
You won’t do what GOD wants you to do——But will do everything YOU want to do.
…..Just to name a few…..
Take all those and add them together and what does it equal?

No chance IN hell you’re getting INTO heaven

If this has some way or some how rubbed you the wrong way or offended you, then chances are that you need to sit down and redo the mathematical equation that represents your life, because there isn’t a single pleasure on the fact of this earth that is worth your eternal soul…….OH!! and if you somehow have convinced yourself that “God would never talk to me like that” Then I really encourage you to get in your word and reevaluate your perspective of our God, because as the word shows us, he’s not always a nice God! lol!…..”All I do, I do because I love you”…..sound familiar? lol!