by Cindy the GP Lady –

I used to think it was kind of silly when authors treated their new book like having just given birth to a baby. Not any more!!!

The Faces Behind the Pages That Inspire — MY new book (I did have a little help) — is out! You can get your first look at it right here.

You know I was just kidding about it being “My” book and only having a little help. The best part about this entire process has been getting to know and work with the wonderful people you are going to meet — the real people “behind the pages”. The support, the generosity and the love has been almost too incredible to put into words.

As excited as I am about the book being out, I think I’d probably be feeling a little sad to see all of this coming to an end — if it wasn’t for the tour! Wow! Isn’t it amazing what happens when spirit decides to get things moving?

I’ll be telling you lots more about the “A Course in Courage Victory Tour” but right now I don’t want you to be distracted. It’s so important for the visibility and awareness of the book and the tour that as many people as possible buy the book today. So, it’s time to go get your very own copy of The Faces Behind the Pages That Inspire!

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