by Tremayne Blair –

MY CONVERSATION WITH A HOMELESS MAN: It’s was about 1:30 in the morning and I couldn’t sleep at all. As I was laying there flipping through channels I got this urge to just get up and do something, so I decided to go Walmart and research some baby mattresses for the newest addition into the family…As I was driving I came to a stoplight. sitting at this particular light waiting for it to turn green I just so happen to look to my right and there was a homeless man sitting on the curb median at a intersection with no shoes on and a black bucket that he had turned upside down playing it like it was a drum. Immediately after seeing this I had to giggle to myself as I thought “he sure did pick an awful hour to try and get money” I continued to stare at this man who seemed to be having an all-out concert with just him and his black bucket, and yet seemed to be so happy….not having a clue what compelled my next action I put my right turn signal on and pulled into fast food parking lot near the median. I walked upped to the homeless man and said “Kinda cold to be sitting out here with a bucket and no shoes at this hour don’t ya think sir?”……”Oh this is a glorious day where having” the man replied. at that moment my instant thought is this man is 4 shades off his rocker cuz it wasn’t even day time to begin with! lol! But I continued to talk to the man for a couple of minutes, and continued to be astonished at just how happy this dude was with him and his black bucket. At this point I looked to the man and said “Well sir I have no cash on me but I would love to buy you a meal if that’s okay?” ….”I would take it young man, I haven’t had a meal since breakfast yesterday”….So I get in my car and drive to the McDonalds at the next lightband get both myself and him a value meal. I get back to the man and give him his meal….having no clue what compelled my next step I suddenly took off my jacket and my shoes making my appearance equal of that of the mans, sat down beside him and we began enjoying our meals…”Sir do you mind me asking you a question?” …”Ask what you wish young man” he replied…”well not to quote the obvious, but here you are In the middle of the night with no coat, no shoes, and no money in your bucket….yet you are by far one of the happiest people I’ve ever met in my entire life, what’s your secret?” As I giggled towards the man….the man replied “that answer is simple kind gentlemen, two things. First is the acceptance that my situation is nobodies fault but my own and I have nobody to blame but myself. The second is the most exciting In the knowing that the best days of my life are soon ahead and coming”…..Upon that statement I sat there puzzled starring at him…”Sir how can you figure that your best days are ahead of you when you have nothing?!?”…..The homeless man looked at me and said “young man your words could never be more true because I do not have anything. no clothes, no money, not anything….but according to the God I serve that’s exactly when he can step in and use you the most, and for that I’m excited and patiently waiting”…I was at a complete loss of words because the fact of the matter is that he was right! what an amazing heart this dude had! At that moment he looked at me, smiled and continued playing on his bucket. I decided to join him in his musical concert and began clapping and tapping on the sidewalk to his beat. Not gonna lie, some of those beats I’m seriously thinking about taking to the studio lol! We shared some more conversation and life stories and After a little jam session and almost 3 hours later I decided it was time to go. I stood up and reached out to shake the mans hand and thank him for a very late night musical concert. As I was attempting to walk away the homeless man grasp my hand tightly in the hand shake and made direct eye contact, there was this still moment of silence and then suddenly the man spoke and said “young man I don’t know who you are, I don’t even know your name. But what I do know is that your gift is gonna change the world for the better” he let go of my hand and simply smile leaving me in a state of Awe yet again. I got in my car and was heading back to my house. As I got to the 3rd stop light I had to pull over because my eyes became consumed with tears! I put the car in park and just sat there and cried from a deep place in my soul because all I could think was I have everything and this man had absolutely nothing, yet he had more joy towards the faith of God’s promises than I’ve ever had….at that moment I began to pray for God to give me a new heart, a deeper heart, a heart that rises in a greater appreciation of him as our Lord & Savior… was definitely a night to remember……..Never did make it to WalMart….