by Tony Lowe / Fancy Gap Friends Fellowship, Fancy Gap, Va.

Fancy Gap Friends Fellowship is very excited about partnering with P.U.S.H. Ministries to meet basic needs in our community. We see this vital ministry of food and clothing distribution as a direct response to Jesus’ words concerning “the least of these.” As Hugh Halter of the Adullam Community phrased it, we are more concerned about “the incarnational aspects of church than the presentational.” We are called to be the hands and heart and feet and face of Christ, making His presence visible in our community by feeding the hungry and caring for those in need.

Fancy Gap Friends Fellowship

Fancy Gap Friends Fellowship Partner with P.U.S.H.

For more information or to request assistance you can contact us on Facebook or Google Fancy Gap Friends Fellowship, or call us at 276-733-9238, or contact Pastor Jill Burcham at P.U.S.H. 276 236 7131 x 224 or 276 235 1059.