by Tremayne Blair –

This status goes for those who God has spoken to or given instructions to. No matter if its just you yourself, as part of a relationship, or even a marriage….
If God has spoken an instruction over your life Imma about to tell you the best thing you can do in the situation…..LISTEN!!!!B.)
If he is speaking to you that’s because there is an area of your life he wants you to GROW in and have faith in HIM in, and learn in….You can also guarantee that the very area he is instructing you to trust him in is the very area you will be tested THE MOST!!! Now you can do the easy and simple thing and quit or maybe say “this is stupid” and walk away, ect. But a very wise woman, a.k.a Ginny Martin Blair  once told me about a year ago that to walk away from something God has laid on your heart or spoken to you will end you up being worse off than you were in the midst of your test….. Now I’m sure you probably don’t understand the whole situation your going through I’m guessing ……but guess what? that’s EXACTLY  how God wants it!!! Because if YOU understood it then there is nothing GOD could teach you through it, because once you understand it, then at that very moment you take your eyes off Christ and just like Peter in the bible, the moment he took his eyes off Christ and focused his eyes on the chaos around him and of this world, it was at that very moment he began to sink (Mathew 14:22-33)….Not trusting, having no faith, being impatient, and most importantly taking your eyes off Christ can and WILL do the same thing to you…..Here’s another common problem,  people begin to think that if they just ignore it, run from it, or my personal favorite try to hide from it that it will just go away! But here’s the news flash for you, once God speaks, HE WILL get the result he wants, the question is will you let that result come the easy way….or the hard way, because until you allow yourself to “get it” meaning that until you allow yourself to let God teach you, then he will continue, and continue, AND CONTINUE to test you and keep you in the valley. Don’t ever think for a second that you are so high in your life, or prideful, or stuck in your own ways that God can’t break you!!! Even if he has to take everything from you know this, he will do WHATEVER it takes to get your attention!!! You can believe me now or you can believe me later….Now that I’ve freaked you out!! lol!  Let me share some good news with you that I think so many people never stop to even think about because all they begin to get is impatient, frustrated, and complaining with there “Why me Lord” or “I just can’t take this” phase in the middle of there test…but think about it like this for a moment….There’re over 7 BILLION people alive in this world at this very moment, and out of that 7 Billion people that God over see’s he took time out just to spend time with, teach, strengthen and love individually with just one……you…..Now you can run and gossip to as many friends as you want but this is why that is a huge mistake and is the biggest mistake people make in the middle of there test:
A.) Your friend doesn’t know your situation therefore will lead you astray with advice because most of the time the advice they give you is in a natural sense and the problem with that is that your working in a supernatural situation, because if they were suppose to give you advice God would have laid it on there heart to say something to you way before you even approached them…
B.) 9 times out of 10 the person your talking hasn’t been anywhere near the church so at the moment all your really doing is casting your pearls among swine just as scripture tells us.
Bottom line, when he speaks, the best thing you can do is simply listen. Because he will ALLOW you to sit in your valley until you do…