Created By: Jerome Anderson, Director of Convicted Hearts

I look at a tree and I see me.
It’s tall and strong, it’s branches are long able to reach out in many different directions.
It’s trunk so rough but adds to it’s perfection, it’s survived so many storms winter ice and rain.
The pain has given it strength which is why it remains.
The branches hold leaves and leaves are hearts, it touches with love the nature of art. We seem to touch many when we reach out, sometimes they fall but not of doubt. They hit the ground around the tree, to blanket the roots that grow beneath. Fertilizing the earth to feed the roots,the roots support the tree in truth. In all I see this tree is me. It welcomes the sun and tickles the breeze. Started so small then grows so free,in the presence of GOD, the tree and me…


The Tree And Me (Jerome Anderson)