My Father's Garden

The Father’s Garden

My father has a garden you know,come with me and I’ll show you.Yes water is needed but the heavens provide the rain,my fathers crys to heal his earthly pain.Beautiful flowers and vegetables grow,cause we plant them wi…th love and they seem to know.Everything is treated with the same respect,we give it our all until nothings left.In return it feeds us with love from the father above.Spiritiual strength and wisdom given,my fathers garden a heavenly vison,releasing me from this fleshly prison.When I die in this garden i’ll be a son with his father so happy and free.I’ll be in the berries,apples and corn,potatoes and squash the trees and the thorns.The birds and the bees the deer in the mist,accompanied by friends a priceless gift ,im everything in my fathers garden the humming birds and songs of robbins.So if you feel alone and are looking for me just look outside in the garden i’ll be.

This is dedicated to Mr. Sanford Burnette & Family, by Jerome Anderson