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Let’s be “real” ladies! Most of us struggle with accepting ourselves, loving our bodies, finding our true identity, connecting with others and finding purpose in our lives. Or at least we have had this struggle at some point or know someone who has.
It seems that a day doesn’t go by without hearing people talk about being dissatisfied with themselves or their life situations. Whether it’s about their looks, their relationship status, how much money is in their pocket, or how popular they are, people just don’t seem to be all that satisfied with themselves these days. Let’s face it, not only do magazines and commercials bombard us with the “ideal” image of beauty, money, and popularity, but now we have reality TV replacing family shows, documentaries, and comedies with programs and advertisements that are completely unreal, while pretending to “be” real. Imagine, a person can go on a TV show and within a few weeks, they can lose a hundred pounds, find the love of their life, and turn into a beauty queen. Now, is that real? No it’s not! Unfortunately, some people aim for “perfection” in their lives instead of valuing who they are and uncovering their authenticity.
What is authenticity? Authenticity means understanding who you are—your real self—learning how to let that self shine through, and showing the world how fabulous you truly are. That’s authentic!
Since young ladies are constantly faced with these issues in their lives, they could greatly benefit from a tell-it-like-it-is book as a preventative measure, not a rehab tactic.
If you are an adolescent girl or young lady, and have been dissatisfied with how you feel about yourself, your looks, popularity, your personality, or what you have been able to accomplish in life, first, know that you are not alone, and secondly, trust that having your own girl-swag is awesome and amazing and that you can discover it within the Girl-Swag curriculum. If you can relate to feeling this way some time in your life, or you know a young woman or girl who can relate to this, this book is for you, too. These issues touch girls and boys, women and men—all races and ethnicities, religious sectors, socioeconomic classes, athletes….everyone!
The Girl-Swag curriculum offers young women and girls like Angela Amador tools (coping skills and alternative ways of looking at things) to place in their toolbox for living a happy and healthy life.
Many young women and girls are challenged by certain issues at times in life; however, when and if faced with challenges, they will know how to handle them, and be able to avoid falling into the funky pit of sadness, depression, anxiety, or isolation. They will have the ability and know-how to value themselves more, maintain a higher level of energy and be connected to peers and others in a positive, healthy way. They learn to be completely honest, truthful and open-minded about themselves and how they want to express themselves authenticity to the world.

The Girl-Swag curriculum is for middle school girls through college and young professional women. It is available at
Chloé Taylor Brown is the creator and host of Bread-Winning Moms with Chloé, a progressive international lifestyle enhancement blog, radio show and podcast for working mothers and breadwinning moms. She is a three time author, including a Girl-Swag, a personal development curriculum for young women and girls. Chloé is also an executive and life coach, an international lifestyle model, wife, mom and friend. Chloé’s books are available at Connect with Chloé @ChloeTBrown