Dear Commonwealth of Virginia,i just would like to know what does your system do to help people just coming out of jail.I would like to know if a person cant get foodstamps because of there charges how will they eat?Is there any educational programs in the jails to prepare a person for society ? Or do you just give them a jail sentence , let them think all hope is gone!Please help those who are going to jail because they may have went through some hard times.Change is possible.I have changed myself.It wasnt easy i admit,i had to search real hard.If there was someone who could talk to people prior to there release you wouldn’t have to spend ten million dollars on a truck to ride around looking like we are in a war zone.You could use a couple hundred of dollars to print out a few sheets with resources available.Spend a few more dollars on a few books on self improvement.Maybe then someone will see there is hope,then this will give them faith.If faith can move a mountain, i bet it can crush a pipe or cause a pill to be needed no more.Stop a husband from abusing his wife.Let a single mother know she can make it on her own.Give a teenager a sense of security,knowing that one day they can be a productive member of this society.Dont set me up for failure!Let me see a light in a tunnel i just happen to walk through.GOD BLESS YOU Commonwealth of Virginia..Sincerely a changed man..