I want to thank God for his goodness and mercy, He is an awesome God who’s love is unconditional and from everlasting to everlasting, God has been better to me than I have been to myself my blunder, my failures, my bad decisions, all of my short comings, He loved me, when I was selling drugs and using them God loved me to health, when I was broken God restored me, revived me, made me whole, God healed me and gave me a life worth living as He began to transform my life and change my DNA from Allen to His Son, I am so thankful if I had not have had the Lord on my side, I would be lost and alone, God is all I have and He is all I need and I want to Thank God for loving me when I didn’t love myself He loved me, When I did not believe in me God you did Thank You Thank You Thank You you are my all and all, Thank You for showing up when I feel alone Your Holy Spirit comes in and comfort me Thank You,Thank You when I feel like I am at the end of the road how you Contructs a new highway just for me Thank You For Loving Me Thank You, From your Child teach me lead me and guide me I am Lost without you, THANK YOU