Last night Bishop Allen -P.U.S.H. W. Va., came by and he was definitely God sent. There were some issues that were really heavy in my spirit and without knowing God spoke through him and gave me a word and I mean a word. We had “church” on the patio!
Before going to bed I got in the shower and shared with God how grateful I was and then shared with God a situation that was beyond me. God took me to Jonah. He said ” Jill, Jonah was running and got into a boat in the wrong waters and was eaten by the whale. When the whale got all he could, he spit him out on the other side.” He went on to say that that is what is happening with people. They are given a gift and get afraid of it, they run away through alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling etc. The crowd tells each other what they want to hear and they end up being devoured by sin and when they have nothing else to offer, they get spit out and left for dead. Thennnnnnnnnn, and only then, they truly start screaming out to God and God has to start the whole process over again.
Tonight, take a minute and be sure that you aren’t running and going in the opposite direction of God. Don’t let the world devour you. Seek God’s face! It is the ONLY way you will survive!