My Thoughts From God To you, a relationship is a lot of sacrificing, giving,receiving, saying forgive me and I am sorry, communicating and listening, God Love you so much and gave his Only begotten Son to die in our stead, He wanted to develop a relationship with us that he called us Friend, sons and daughters, He wanted us to cry out Abba, Our Father, Adonia, Lord and Master, Because The Lord is My Shepherd relationship with The Father, I shall not want, He supplies our needs, He leads us beside the still water, He protects us, he restores my Soul, when I am at the end of the road and I can’t take not one more thing or I will Break, God restores my soul, Yea Though I walk through the Valley Of the shadow death I will Fear No evil for Thou are with me, God promises to never Leave you or forsake you because He is always with Us, God said Goodness and Mercy will Follow us all the days of our life, That Goodness and mercy will run us down and overtake us, What A Mighty God We Serve, God said If you draw near to Me, I AM right here waiting on YOU