Push Ministries help addiction

We all have addictions. For some it’s coffee, for others it’s money. For some it’s football and others it’s shopping. For some it is alcohol and others it’s drugs. For me it was cokes – eight a day. Then something happens and you can’t drink coffee because of the caffeine. Something happens you don’t have a way to make any money. For others, alcohol and drugs are their fix. At the end of the day addiction is addiction. Being a diabetic, if I continued to drink cokes I would have died. Same for other addictions. You come to a point that what you are addicted to can kill you in all sorts of ways.
The challenge I have is that we accept some addictions and not others. We kick people to the curb if we don’t like their addiction. Many people with addictions, especially drug and alcohol, are extremely talented and tender hearted. All they want to do is fit instead of having a door closed.
Take time to listen when people are trying to walk away from their addiction no matter what it is. It is a very insecure and sensitive time and a great time for you to walk with them and listen. ~ Do as Jesus would do.