god i hear you

I was so excited to have a few hours to get in the car and just go. Went down the mountain and went shopping and had a wonderful time. We walked til I was ready to drop.
We got to the car, put the keys in the ignition and nothing. UGH Tried again and nothing. I realized I had left my lights burning again and it drained the battery. As I slumped in the seat trying to figure out what I was going to do, a young man with his family pulled up right in front of us. I asked him if he would help. I had battery cables (from my son from the last time I did this). He was so sweet and had us going in just a few minutes. I tried to bless him and he wouldn’t hear of it. I just know he was God sent.
As we started up the mountain again, God reminded me that we all get tired and we drain our “energy” and we need to be recharged. When others need us we have no energy to give them what they are needing. We have to turn the lights off and get recharged through sleep and the peaceful connection with our Father to be an effective vessel