Addiction, It's Time

This weekend was yet another reminder what addiction can do. This time a baby lost her life. Addiction to drugs and alcohol, especially Meth, destroys not only the user but those around them. It’s time, it’s time, it’s time we get our head out of the sand and realize what an epidemic this is. It is not a time to get “churchy” but a time to recognize how many people are trying to escape, find a feel good, or be part of a crowd. It IS time, to realize the alternatives to offer. Simple things like finding things to keep an addicts mind busy, speaking life over them, encouraging them, taking time to understand what is pushing them to be a non functioning person and letting them know they can still have a productive life and you are willing to walk with them. It’s time for all communities to come together and pray. Pray for the addicts,pray for their families, pray for opportunities to listen and share, pray for the PD EMT’s, Doctors and nurses who deal each day with these situations. Pray that God intervenes and His Perfect will be done.