How do you talk to a parent and loved ones who have lost a child? How about compassionate advice from someone who’s been there and gone through the grieving process to be able to laugh again? The soul destroying agony of your child dying is only truly known and understood by those who have endured it.

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Only a parent understands the powerful bond you have with your child; that absolute undying love you have and monumental desire that roars like an open fire inside you to protect your child at all costs.

I Can Laugh Again!

It is openly said that a parent will lay down their life for their child, but it is not until you have your own that you truly understand these fierce emotions. Several years ago Chloé experienced a paradigm crash. Everything in her life and her world shattered into more than a million little pieces—following the death of Justin, her youngest child at the time. “Who am I” Chloé asked herself, “Where do I go from here, who do I want to become, what can I do and share with other people from my own life experiences?”

Chloé Taylor Brown is now ready to open up about her own loss and shares her story in her new memoir; “I Can Laugh Again” and can now speak to the following questions:

* What are the first steps to dealing with unexpected loss?
* What are the many parts of the grieving process?
* How do you cope and what are the processes of moving from grief to laughter?
* What have you learned from this whole experience?

Meet Chloé Taylor Brown:

* As Seen and Featured on Networks including, but not limited to NBC, CBS, ABC and BRAVO.
* President and CEO of Chloé Taylor Brown Enterprises, LLC & The Chloé Xperience
* Has Worked with The Home Depot, AVON, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Georgia Institute of Technology, Rust College, Women’s Organizations, and many others.
* Innovative Creator of the PEP System® and the Personal Excellence Profile
* As an International Model, Chloé appeared in magazines, endorsed products like Revlon, and walked down countless catwalks for many designers, including Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, Givenchy, Issey Miyake, and Escada.
* In 2008, she created The Global Girls Initiative to partner with existing organizations, groups, and schools that support, inspire and empower young women and girls by providing them with an innovative curriculum called Girl-Swag, dynamic processes and tools that allow them to tap into their pure potentiality for fulfillment, sustainable success and prosperity.
* Popular Radio Show Host at The Chloé Xperience
* Author of Getting Ready Chloé-Style: Perfecting Your Authentic Image, Determine Your Ideal: Creating a Life of Fulfillment & Prosperity Workbook and Girl-Swag: A Global Girl’s Curriculum for Personal Development & Lifestyle Enhancement.
**To schedule an interview, please respond to this e-mail message or contact Don Bischoff at (813) 792-2181. Or reply to this pitch to