push ministries shaking my head

WHAT????!! Tonight I sat next to the sweetest man at dinner. Out of nowhere, he started sharing about his daughter and how she isn’t talking to him and she is trying to turn the other children against he and his wife. He went on say that the daughter ( who is in her late 50’s) lost all of her gold jewelry in a robbery. Apparently it was in a safe and the intruders broke the safe and got everything. When this gentleman and his wife went to see her recently, she told them she wanted them to replace the jewelry. They told her no. Because of their no, she is not talking. to them. They are so hurt.
What they don’t see is that this is the expectation they raised their children with – whatever happened in their lives, they would take care of it. So losing all of this jewelry, she thought that is what she should expect.
Please, teach your children respect as well as independence. As children, it is the time for parents to seed for adulthood