On Friday, I was brushing my teeth and I looked at the water coming out of the faucet and to my suprise there was strings of black gook coming out. EWWW! I quickly called a plumber and they came and looked. I wiped the filter on the faucet and it was full of black things that looked like black flakes. We took off the filter and found the faucet was corroding and causing the water that was coming through to be contaminated. If you looked at the faucet it looked brand new BUT it had a problem.
After getting new faucets through out the house, I wondered how many of us allow contaminated things to come into our mind and spirit. The carrier looks the part BUT inside things aren’t right and the words that reach us are contaminated.
BE CAREFUL, be watchful and pray God gives you a Spirit of Discernment and sharpens your eyes and ears for such a time as these ~ Praying God exposes ALL that is not of HIm!