push ministries be transparent

I think of myself as a patient person and one that goes with the flow. I can honestly tell you, I have flunked my own advice these past 4 days. I am housebound!!! The road has been very icey and dad can’t get out in this. Every ounce of laundry is done, floors mopped, bathrooms cloroxed, paperwork finished, bills paid, cooked meals, washed and put up dishes, read, watched ball games, read some more, studied and read some more.
I sat back tonight thinking of all the wild days we have had at PUSH and how many times we said “oh we need a day to rest”. Well……be careful what you ask for.
God quietly nudged me and reminded me that we are ALWAYS to be thankful no matter how tough things are. Soooo, Im going to watch the Alabama/Clemson game and continue to appreciate we have a TV, the house is warm, my daughter was able to get us some groceries, driveway is plowed, streets melting and tomorrow I get to get out!!
Im grateful for a moment that reminds me Im still a work in progress!!!!