push ministries are you getting it jills corner

Every morning, I go through the drive and get me an unsweet ice tea with extra ice and extra lemon. Today, I went through and ordered exactly the same and got the reciept. I went to the window and as normal I took a quick sip. It was sweet. Went around and tried again. Took a sip and it was sweet. Third time I went around and it was finally unsweet with no ice.
As I was driving to PUSH I was asking God what was I to get out of this, and this is what I heard. “How many times do you ask for something and people give you what they want you to have and not what you need. You were specific and it took several tries. There was a written reciept, just as I gave a written word but people ignore My word and give you only as they want you to have and don’t follow the instructions on the paper! “
It’s time for people to start truly reading THE instructions and then giving the world their best!