break down or breakthrough push ministries

Today I was counseling a young person about an unfortunate incident that happened. I told them that I knew that I knew they would be ok but they had a choice to look at it as destruction and feed that OR see it as a God breakthrough. I explained that in every situation, GOd allows us to go through to become even stronger and to be immensely blessed!!
Now don’t you know I came home and had to go through myself. The nurse that was to stay with dad tomorrow is having challenges with her car. NO fault of hers. Just circumstances. I know she felt badly and I wanted to cry as I had big plans with some of my children for mother’s day and one of their birthdays.
I had to remind myself of what I had ministered to this young person this morning that was I going to breakdown or was I going to see it as a breakthrough.
After an hour or so I got to see the blessing. God was showing me that each day, our plans need to be His and not ours. That was my breakthrough!! Definitely a GO GOD!!