perfect day push ministries

Good morning, I want to thank God for another perfect day, He is an awesome God and worthy to be praised, thank Him for all he does for me, how God sent angels by my bedside and breathe the breath of life and gave me this brand new day, I realize it was not the alarm clock that woke me this morning so I say Thank you God, what will I do with this day, it is my choice to use this day to glorify and magnify the Lord and let my light shine, to touch someone’s life and impact it in a way that they will see the light and glorify my Father which is in heaven, choices of life is ours to make we have been authorized and empowered and given the authority to write the different chapters of life if you did not like the chapter that you are in start writing a new chapter after all you are the autofocus the life and the book you are living write every chapter to the end of being a champion and not the victim, winner not a loser, happy not sad, healthy and not sick, prosperous and not poor in spirit and blessed and not living in lack, on this perfect day that God has given you what will you do with it, From the Bishops corner, ps never to late to start over again and again that is why God gave you a New Day Full of New Mercies, God bless you and have a wonderful day.