new day to start over push ministries

Good morning God, Thank You for another day you are the greatest you are Awesome, wonderful magnificent beautiful loving you are my everything, I want to thank God for saving and delivering me in 1981 from drugs and alcohol , I was lost and hurting wounded and in pain, I thought that the drugs and alcohol medicated and numb me, and it only created more problems anger frustrations not being able to hold a job, mad at the world, depressed and wanted to blame everyone and everybody for my issues, but really I was not angry with everyone I was angry with myself and blamed every one for things I done and really the only one who had the power to change my life, never give people the power of attorney over your life to be able to control or hurt you never be in denial when God has spoken in your spirit to walk away, to let it go, don’t allow your mind to make excuses why you should stay when someone is hurting you and the pain is so great and your mind is telling you, to stay don’t even weigh in the people who is causing the catastrophe damage in you life sometimes you have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired, and take control of your own life every new day is filled with new opportunities, new relationships, new adventures, new life actually when you thing about it God gives us a brand new day to start over again, if we didn’t get it right Tuesday, Wednesday is a. Ew day a new start a day we have never seen before yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never be mine, Lord for my sake teach me to take one day at a time, from the bishops corner, PS God has the power to deliver you and set you free, who the Son set free is free indeed, have a blessed day