best is yet to come push ministries

Want the to thank this Amazing God I serve, He is A Wonderful Savior, there has been times that I have had catastrophic events to happen in my life, I have been on the bottom and the bottom drop out of the bottom and it seemed like I wasn’t going to make it, heart ripped out until I was numb, lied on by people who did not know me, some trials and tribulations where I felt like I could not get up, some induced by decision I made, but God is not slack Concerning his promises not a man that he would lie, 2 years ago on Christmas Eve I was rushed to the stroke center in Huntington WV in transport The devil said I was going to die, or I would walk with a limp, mouth would be twisted, arm and hand would be drawn up but I heard God speak to me and said I couldn’t die and the devil was a liar the father of a lie and a liar from the beginning This Amazing God said the best is yet to come, For you who just go to church and quote scriptures the only way to be filled and fulfilled is to allow the Holy Spirit to saturate and permeates your heart and be Adonai The Lord and Master of your life He will always perform his word, His word will go out and accomplish what he sent it out to do and it will not return void, have a blessed day.
From the Bishops Corner