We are partnering with Service Without Walls

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Service Without Walls was formed to partner with other community focused programs to bring greater resources and awareness to community problems such as homelessness, hunger and poverty.
​Through our monthly Days of Service we are able to share love through serving our fellow mankind. We believe that we can be the feet and hands of Christ here on Earth by serving and sharing from our places of blessings with others. We believe that we can teach and compell others to do the same within their communities to begin a movement around Georgia, America and the world where those with excess share with those in lack and create a system of balance that we all have enough.
While we currently serve in the Atlanta and surrounding areas, we envision a bigger platform opening to allow our pleas to serve outside of the walls to be heard by the church and communities that don’t mind considering those outside. We present those we serve with donated as well as purchased items such as full sized essential hygiene supplies: body wash, soap, tooth brush & paste, toilet paper and deodorant as well as snack items water, juice, crackers and chips. We give out clothes, new socks, blankets, scarves, hats, gloves, and many other items weather and season appropriate as available. We partner with other ministries and organizations with similar missions to offer access to more services and items such as hair cuts, healthcare services, information and referrals.
Our hope is that the items we give are helpful to those that can and will seek or gain employment, for others to simply be able to have the means for good basic hygiene and oral care. We provide full sized items in the hope the items last as close to 30 days or as long as possible. While the sample bars might only last 1 or 2 wash ups.