I want to Thank God for his grace and mercy, from Twelve years old until 19 I was on a destructive path drinking and getting high, selling drugs and taking them cocaine, microdote, window pane, bladder, meth and my life was going down hill fast, I didn’t feel like no one loved me and no one cared,I was in and out of jail, the verdict for my life I would be in prison for the rest of my life, I would die of a overdose, or someone would kill me before I turned 21, in 1981 I had a series of encounters with God and one day under the apple tree in whipper West Virginia I looked up toward heaven and I spoke directly to God and said if you are real I need you to save me, I don’t want to know the God of the church but if you real save me, on a list of 5000 who was mostly to succeed I was not even on the list on my destiny people had spoken doom over my life but God said not so and saved me in 1981 I am 60 now and God keeps on Blessing me, your past does not determine your future a mistake is not Life sentence, From Bishops Corner