I would like to share something that is on my heart, Jesus said these works I do you will do these and greater, it grieves my heart and spirit, see the different agendas of the churches as if it is about the pastor or church building a name for themselves, and will not come into the unity of the faith and the bond of peace and come together as one Jesus said me and my father are one, I don’t do this of myself I do it of the father, if you seen me you have seen the father for we are one, where there is unity there is strength, if one will put a thousand to flight and two ten thousand, it’s about unity if the body of Christ would come together we could wipe out hunger and homelessness, we could be the for the broken and the hurting our children is suffering because they don’t know anything about salvation because we make excuses for our inconsistency and our sins, we don’t let our life shine so men can see Jesus, we are trying to be somebody in the eyes of men, Jesus said if i be lifted up I will draw all men unto myself, let’s lift Jesus up, He has been given a name above all names, that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, from the Bishops Corner