In a time when violence in schools is at the forefront I had a very bad experience. As many of you know PUSH has a teen hotline and several of us are certified in teen crisis. Early this morning I received a message that a boy in middle school was planning a shooting at his school. He was looking at guns online in school and sharing his plan with friends. I did some investigating and the young man has a history of being in a lot of trouble and also being on medication for other mental disorders. As we are told I call the PD and I’m told no one is there to take my call and that someone would call me back. 6 hours later still no call so I call back. I speak to an officer who takes info and said he d report it to the school Monday. REALLY?? Thos young man needs help! Who knows if he s serious or not but this child needs to be checked out…..Guess Ill have to try something different.