It’s time we stand up to the reality of mental illness. Mental illness is a very painful disease that effects not onlythe person suffering but also those around them.
Laws to get people help are getting tougher and tougher. Finding places for people to go to get help are dwindling. Many are not speaking out to say they are struggling and resort to attempted suicide or they are successful.
It is going to take all of us to listen with our ears and heart to help those who are suffering from extreme depression. It’s gong to take all of us to pray that God exposes our family, friends and those in our community who need help.
A man I was very much in love with had been raped by a priest over a several year period. He shared with his family and he was beaten because we didn’t say things like that He was around 10 – 12. When he became 35 he had a nervous breakdown and attempted suicide several times. He was never able to come hom. He passed away a few years ago still in an assisted living facility. IF someone had listened and believed him, according to the dr’s, and gotten him help, he could have had a full life.
Mental Health issues are real! Take time to be aware of local procedures so you are prepared if a situation arises.
Most importantly, Let’s Pray……….Pray Until Something Happens!