The past several weeks have been very enlightening and stressful. I know that this is part of the God showing us reality. A few weeks ago an army of DEA agents invaded the community we are staying in. Yes, they had a job to do and we certainly need them. However, I was shown that racial profiling is real.
The road next to our house is a hill that you can not see around. As people went up the hill they were stopped and searched. One man drove up the hill in an Escalade and he was stopped and pulled out of the car and thrown against a telephone pole and had a gun put to his head. That man happened to be my husband. This is a man who came back to his birth place to give back and give people options other than drugs.
After doing a background check they found he was clean and let him go. He asked why they did that and the agent told him he fit the profile of a drug dealer. Nice car, nice house etc. and we lived in the neighborhood.
We went down to the Sheriff’s dept to introduce ourselves to the sheriff and get an idea of what was going on as well as what we were doing in the neighborhood. We all agreed that drugs are an overwhelming challenge here BUT what happened that night was not acceptable. We have to stop operating out of what we think instead of what is truth. Fear has to stop dictating our made up truth.
We can’t save everyone and every situation BUT it is so important we bring Truth to darkness. It’s important that we push the idea that we are ALL created by God and NO ONE is greater than anyone else. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. No one and I mean no one deserves to be treated lesser than someone else.