Over the past few days several have shared stories that are heartbreaking but so real. With their permission I want to share a couple of them.
1) A man came in today and I noticed he had an attitude that told me he was in a lot of pain and resentment. He was in his sixties. He opened up much to my surprise without me having to ask anything. He said ” you’ll notice I don’t pull any punches” I was raped by a priest as a child and no one would hear me. He said finally the cardinal in Rhode Island wrote a letter of apology but it was too late. He lost his wife and daughter over his resentment and anger. He moved to NC and is trying to start over. He said all he had wanted was someone to hear him and help him understand. He was 7 – 8 when this happened.
2) A young man in his 30’s shared his experiences of being bullied from kindergarten to college. He said he was screaming for help but no one heard him. He was told it is part of life. Today he has very low self esteem and a low tolerance for criticism.
My point through this is…..people can be different and have all types of attitudes – from whiny to angry. What we don’t take time to do is realize they have had some traumatic experiences that have altered what should have been a great life.
We need to stop judging people, even if they are different, and know they were made uniquely and perfectly by God. We also need to take time to listen and know that might be all the person needs and to show you care.
God wants us to take time to take care of His children. Judging and shoving people to the curb is not life it’s abuse!