I want to thank God for Jesus, Awesome God we serve, What a Mighty and Strong God we Serve, food for thought, isn’t it funny how we hang around people who are just like we are, we are in our comfort zones and is stagnant in our growth in the Lord because we have a tendency to adapt to our environment and we say we are Ok because we are looking and measuring ourselves by those who are in our circle or our church, My prayer is that in 2019 we pray the prayer of Jabez that God would enlarge our territory and enlarge our coast, that I want the Holy Ghost or to others the Holy Spirit to take me places where no man has been before, just sayin if we use 10 percent of our brain, what is the other 90 percent for, I believe so we can tap into the spiritual realm of God, The Bible speaks of higher heights and deeper depths, don’t we want to go higher and deeper in the Lord, Just Sayin,
From the Bishops Corner