I want to thank God for his love and his grace, Mercy and loving kindness, He is better to me or you could ever be, never allow people to make you feel one way or the other, manage your highs and lows, live in a world that is conducive to where God is carrying you, if God before you, God is more than the world against you, you have to live above and not beneath, don’t come down to address lies and rumors stay on the wall and trust God that He never called you to a position in the Kingdom to fail or quit, the way is already made, start walking and don’t look back, keep walking don’t stop, don’t let nothing hinder you or distract you from you journey, fulfill your divine destiny and purpose, keep walking so when it’s all over you can Hear The Master day, well done my good and faithful servant enter into the joys of the Lord, nothing people say or do, stay focus on the journey.
From the Bishop’s Corner