It has been in my spirit for the past few weeks how the church disrespects Jesus.
Jesus was here to teach us among other things how to give and who to give to. There is no where in the Bible that says to give only to those who come to your church. It didn’t say hand out a can of green beans and you’ve done your part.
As an example, following His Father’s instructions, Jesus went into the communities healing, feeding counseling and giving a word.
Why do we find that so difficult?? Is our time more important than that of our Father?? We seem to ask Him for a lot. Why is it so hard to follow Jesus’s instructions and His walk.
We testify in church that Jesus is first in our life but how are you showing it.?
Take time to pray and ask God what your assignment is. If you pray with great sincerity, He will make it plain.
The only way we are going to have positive change in our families and community is to get involved and be on one accord.