Bless Is Not Less

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Today as we attended the Service Without Walls Outreach Bishop Allen and I were approached by this tall skinny young man with vibrant blue eyes. He asked me if I was Irish and I told him no. He had been rambling and talking in circles and a little hard to understand. He asked us to pray for him and we did. At the end of the prayer Bishop said God Bless You. He put his hands to his ears and said please don’t say that. He went on to explain that to him the word bless meant be less. It was heart breaking. As he walked away he started rapping about his pain. We then learned he was a Vet that the system had failed. So tonight we want to thank Chawania and Tremain for allowing us to participate and also are asking for prayers for this ministry the young man and all those in pain and are mentally ill and need help desperately

New Poetry

New Poetry From Dunta Dotson Added To Our Testimonial Section. Click Image To Read.

Service Without Walls

We are partnering with Service Without Walls

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Service Without Walls was formed to partner with other community focused programs to bring greater resources and awareness to community problems such as homelessness, hunger and poverty.
​Through our monthly Days of Service we are able to share love through serving our fellow mankind. We believe that we can be the feet and hands of Christ here on Earth by serving and sharing from our places of blessings with others. We believe that we can teach and compell others to do the same within their communities to begin a movement around Georgia, America and the world where those with excess share with those in lack and create a system of balance that we all have enough.
While we currently serve in the Atlanta and surrounding areas, we envision a bigger platform opening to allow our pleas to serve outside of the walls to be heard by the church and communities that don’t mind considering those outside. We present those we serve with donated as well as purchased items such as full sized essential hygiene supplies: body wash, soap, tooth brush & paste, toilet paper and deodorant as well as snack items water, juice, crackers and chips. We give out clothes, new socks, blankets, scarves, hats, gloves, and many other items weather and season appropriate as available. We partner with other ministries and organizations with similar missions to offer access to more services and items such as hair cuts, healthcare services, information and referrals.
Our hope is that the items we give are helpful to those that can and will seek or gain employment, for others to simply be able to have the means for good basic hygiene and oral care. We provide full sized items in the hope the items last as close to 30 days or as long as possible. While the sample bars might only last 1 or 2 wash ups.

Bishop Allen At Webb First Baptist Church

bishop keith allen at webb first baptist church

Mark your calanders for Sunday March 4th as Bishop Keith Allen brings an annointed word at Webb First Baptist in Ellenwood, NC where the Pastor is Bishop Michael Moore and First Lady Sandra Moore. Join us as God brings a special word that will touch your soul.

PUSH GA On It’s Way

push ga on its way

God is doing what He does best……Great meeting with Bishop Mike Favors and First Lady Diedra of Empowerment Action Center Marietta, Ga. Stay tuned for details….! P.U.S.H. Ga. on the ground and running!

Change Depends On You

change push ministries

I want to thank God for another day , Awesome God we serve, Life is not fair. No one said it would be, What do you do when you have done all you can do, Sometimes there are decisions that need to be made, Nothing changes unless you change them, Sometimes making changes you might lose some things that you love but does not or is not conclusive to where God is carrying you, You can remain in a relationship that carries you to the same place every year. The first time you can say its a mistake anything more than once its a choice, If what you are doing is keeping you off balance, you have to let it go. Nothing changes unless you change it.

Stop Trying To Understand

push stop trying to understand

AS WE WERE FINISHING at our PUSH bldg in Galax today, a young man stopped by to see what PUSH was about. He was newly ordained and had a heart for feeding the homeless. His conversation was so indicative of many who have a heart to serve. He was frustrated with his church. They didn’t want to support what God had told him his Purpose was……..which was feeding the homeless. They wanted him to stay in their parameters and the Pastor was the visionary and only the Pastor.
Unless the church and Pastors start acknowledging that God is the Visionary and God is the leader, churches are going to continue to lose members. Yes, the Pastor is to be respected but Not worshiped. Yes there have to be some parameters BUT GOD sets the rules and is the visionary. It’s time for Pastors and churches to have an ear to hear what God is saying and get away from what people’s opinions are. Individuals, Communities and our Nation are hurting and need hands on individuals. God is 24/7. Why should we not think “the church” shouldn’t be as well.
It’s time to support those called by God even if it isn’t traditional. Stop trying to understand. Pray and Support what and who God has ordained.

Best Is Yet To Come

best is yet to come push ministries

Want the to thank this Amazing God I serve, He is A Wonderful Savior, there has been times that I have had catastrophic events to happen in my life, I have been on the bottom and the bottom drop out of the bottom and it seemed like I wasn’t going to make it, heart ripped out until I was numb, lied on by people who did not know me, some trials and tribulations where I felt like I could not get up, some induced by decision I made, but God is not slack Concerning his promises not a man that he would lie, 2 years ago on Christmas Eve I was rushed to the stroke center in Huntington WV in transport The devil said I was going to die, or I would walk with a limp, mouth would be twisted, arm and hand would be drawn up but I heard God speak to me and said I couldn’t die and the devil was a liar the father of a lie and a liar from the beginning This Amazing God said the best is yet to come, For you who just go to church and quote scriptures the only way to be filled and fulfilled is to allow the Holy Spirit to saturate and permeates your heart and be Adonai The Lord and Master of your life He will always perform his word, His word will go out and accomplish what he sent it out to do and it will not return void, have a blessed day.
From the Bishops Corner

Let Go & Let God

let go and let god push ministries

WHEN GOD is in control, everything flows. There is a Peace beyond all understanding. When you try to control there are bumps in the road and lots of frustrion – You don’t sleep, you have headaches, stomach aches and continually have a negative attitude. It’s time to Let Go and Let God! There is no comparison…..#Godisgreater…..