Cries Of The Young

Please be praying that adults hear the cries of young people that are being bullied and those who are depressed. Authorities and parents have to recognize these young people are in great pain. Please pray God touches these young people and holds them tightly and that He leads them to solutions and peace. Praying in Jesus name!

Are You Afraid Of Who You Are?

Sounds like a strange question but a lot of people are not secure in who God has created them to be and they try to mimic others, or be who someone wants them to be. God created you for the job HE needs you to do. Others may see “flaws” in you but God sees perfection. Use what God has given you and share HIS love and HIS light in all you do. Be THE real deal, not a counterfeit.

Holy Week At the Kingdom

MARK YOUR CALANDERS for April 15th to 21st for ” Holy Week At the Kingdom” a week of prayer praise and annointed word. Starting at 7 pm at Kingdom Unification Fellowship powered by PUSH 201 Maple Oak Hill, WV