Transitional Housing

This is one of many houses being renewed for those in transition. Push will buy the material. The potential tenant will do the remodel then live for six months for free. Stay tuned!!

Pleasant Valley Baptist

Mark your calendars for July 27 28 and 29 as Bishop Keith Allen brings an anointed word of Healing. Service begins at 7 pm at Pleasant Valley Baptist with Pastor Charles Brown and First Lady Gloria Brown.

Had To Share

Today I was in line at Walmart. A mom and her 6 or 7 year old son was in front of us A man rudely came running through and you could feel the mom very uncomfortable. The man got down on his knees talking to the little boy telling him how busy he was and just wasn’t able to come over to see him. The boy answered but dad it’s been since March. The mom’s eyes were welling up with tears. The young boy looked at his dad and said ” Dad, I will always have time for you” The dad looked at him and said ” boy, when I stop working so much I’ll be by”. I wanted to cry for this child. My question is, do we really think when we say things to our children. Do we not realize some of the insensitive things can scar for life.
Help me out here…………..

Moving Forward

MOVING FORWARD powered by P.U.S.H. Ministries West Virginia.
Moving forward is a multifaceted program offering a series of services to local communities:
Finding employment for those who are in transition
Moving items and from one residence to another
Construction Clean ups / Janitorial maintence
Lawn Servce
Pressurer washing
Helping start up new businesses.
To schedule an appointment or get more information call 434 660 2498
Located in the Scarbro area.

Brand New Day

I want to thank God for a brand new day full of New Mercies, New Beginnings, New Possibilities, New Challenges, New Ventures, New Opportunities, God has given us a Brand New Day either you can use it to do something Brand New or drown in yesterday’s sorrows, misfortunes, hurts and pains, yesterday’s problems or you can take advantage of a Brand New Day, for this is the Day, Your Day, what will you do with the Gift of Life Today. From The Bishops Corner