Brand New Day

I want to thank God for a brand new day full of New Mercies, New Beginnings, New Possibilities, New Challenges, New Ventures, New Opportunities, God has given us a Brand New Day either you can use it to do something Brand New or drown in yesterday’s sorrows, misfortunes, hurts and pains, yesterday’s problems or you can take advantage of a Brand New Day, for this is the Day, Your Day, what will you do with the Gift of Life Today. From The Bishops Corner

Let’s Talk

LET’S TALK is a Teen Hotline available in your area. A trained and certified member of PUSH (certified in Teen Crisis through Mt Rogers Teen Crisis Unit) will answer the phone and listen and give professional guidance. These calls will remain anonymous unless permission is given. 434 660 2498. Calls and text are accepted. Available 24/7!
Pass the word Let’s help our youth talk things through!!