Setting The Rumor Mill Straight

rumors push ministries

1) PUSH Ministries is NOT closing. We’re moving and will continue to serve the twin county area. We will provide ALL our normal services and adding a few more.
2) THE SURROGATE DAUGHTER is NOT closing. We are moving and making it bigger and better.
3) We WILL NOT be accepting any more clothing donations. There are so many churches that do a great job distributing clothes. We will be glad to direct you to them.
4) Most of all, we LOVE the Twin Counties, and appreciate ALL who have donated and helped to serve. We are blessed to be able to make a difference.
5) Please feel free to inbox or text us at 276 235 1059.
May God Bless you all …………Merry Christmas!

A Big Thank You

push thanks donators for christmas 2017

A BIG THANK YOU to ALL who have donated to our Christmas for Kids. A special thanks to Twin County Tire, Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar for the wonderful donations!

Changes Coming

changes coming 2017

P.U.S.H. Ministries has announced it will be moving from it’s location at 117 N. Main St. Galax effective January 1st. According to Pastor Jill Burcham, the move will allow PUSH to expand services and better serve the communities of Galax, Carroll and Grayson Counties. ” We do not expect any interruption of the food box services” said Burcham. More details will follow as the move gets closer.

P.U.S.H. Christmas 2017

push christmas 2017

Pick Up for Christmas Gifts for Kids will be Dec. 20th, 21st and 22nd between 10 am and 4 pm. Sign ups til Dec. 15th. Ages newborn to 18.

Footies For India

footies for india push ministries international

The charity ‘loving hands’ knits and crochets for us… They’ve done loads for Romania and I asked if they could do kids’ slippers for kids in India who have no shoes… email from Kate at Loving Hands… the ladies have been busy and have sent her their knitted shoes… she has 82 pairs to send there. it’s great!

It’s Free & It’s Easy!

push ministries encouragement

TODAY I went out to lunch at restaurant I’ve never been to. I was by myself and really just wanted time to be still. A very sweet young lady came by to take my order. She was very attentive but I could feel she was in so much pain. After several times at the table, I asked her if she was ok and she got big tears in her eyes. She said she was a single mom of a five year old and just having an overwhelming day. She went on to say she was trying to work enough to go back to school and get her 2 year degree.
The manager came over and I shared what a great waitress she was and the manager shared this was her first day. She was really good.
I took today as again a reminder that ministry is NOT inside the walls of the church but where ever God sends us during our daily journey.
All this young lady needed was a word of encouragement. It’s free and it’s easy!
Let’s start speaking life instead of trying to kill people’s spirits with words that certainly are not from God!

Christmas Gift Signup

christmas 2017 push ministries

IT’s that time of year to sign your children (newborn to 18) up for the P.U.S.H. Ministries Christmas Gift giveaway. Stop by P.U.S.H. from 10 am til 4 pm Tuesday through Friday.
117 N. Main St. Galax (around the back)

Shadow Of The Almighty

push shadow of the almighty bishops corner

I want to Thank God for another day, for those who love me I thank the almighty God for your love and support, for the haters, the church goers, the self righteous, all those who have slandered my name and don’t know me, I am cool with it and I would like to Introduce myself, I am a Child of the most High God who sits High and looks low, Who knew me before I was formed in my Mothers womb, Who called me from the foundation of the word before God said Let Us make man, I was in the Fathers thoughts and heart, and my destiny is sure, I am not perfect, I am flawed, I have been brokened, I have errored and have made a lot of bad decisions, fallen been wounded, had fallen did not think I would ever get up, but, The respirator of Life breathe in me that I might have life and have it more abundantly, i have cried for weeks and months because i had been so broken and alone, Church folks put their foot on my neck while i was going through the worst battle of my life, but, The Navigator of Life and the Master of my destiny spoke peace,life and healing, and told me i would live and not die, I remember growing up as a child one Christmas i got a yogi bear punching bag, I would punch and punch and punch the bag sometimes it look like it wasn’t going to get up but every time it would get back up again each time i have been knocked down the Master Adonai would speak a word A Rhema word and through his power i was able to get back up again, for you that don’t know me, you wasn’t there in my midnight hour when all hell was breaking loose seem like every hell hound was coming against me, But i hear this Omnipotent God say not so, I love him with all my heart am I perfect, NO, but my love and my heart is perfect towards him, so if you want to know who I am check with The Father, No weapon formed against me shall prosper, God did not say it would not be formed, and every wagging tongue that rise up against me shall be condemned, and this is the heritage of the children of God, For You Haterers, I will always do WWJD, I will pray for you and love you, and I want to thank you because it makes me cry out to this Great God I serve the more, it makes me retreat to the Secret place of the Most High God, He that dwells in the secret place shall abide under the shadow of The Almighty, and your arms are too short to box with God, The Battle is Not Mine, its The Lords so if you have a problem with me take it up with the Lord.
…from the Bishops Corner

Bike Giveaway Winner

push bike giveaway winner

Congratulations to Larry Hanks on winning the Schwinn bike during our raffle.
All proceeds from the Raffle go to PUSH Food Bank.