Be Better Than Yesterday

push ministries be better than yesterday

I want to Thank God for another beautiful day, I love the Lord because he first Loved little old me, God is an awesome God, while everyone else saw the worsed in me, they saw a drunk, an old drug addict, someone who would never amount to any thing, no future, no destiny, no purpose, the verdict on my life I would die of an overdose, in jail for the rest of my life, or i would be dead before my 18th birthday, but God saw the best in me in 1981 God saved me and turned my life around, not perfect, but striving to be better than yesterday, I may not be all i should be but I am not what i Use to be, and not what I am going to be

Our First Church Service

push ministries kingdom unification fellowship

We had our first Service, October the First at 11 am God moved in a mighty way. Thank God for all who worked on the remodeling of the church, may God open up the windows of heaven and poor you all out blessings you won’t have room to receive, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, We will be having service every Sunday at 11 am come one, come all, every one is Welcome to God’s House.
4297 Skyline Hwy Galax, Va. (Fairview Section) 89 south, cross over parkway, less than 1/4 mile on the left. (green roof)

PUSH Christmas 2017

push christmas 2017

It’s that time of the year. SIGN UP at PUSH MINISTRIES 117 N. Main ST. Galax (around the back) for your child’s Christmas Bags, (newborn – 18 years). Tues. – Friday’s 10 – 4

Free Frozen Food

free frozen food at push

Lots of free frozen food available. Stop by PUSH Ministries 117 North Main St. Galax, VA (around back) Tuesday, October 3 from 10am – 4pm. All are welcome

Live Life On Purpose

push ministries live life on purpose

Have you ever known people who are trying to be a man or a woman, You don’t have try to be what God has designed you to be, too many people are looking to be confirmed by people or a job the preacher the school teacher the next door neighbor instead of being what God has designed us to be, God designed us with divine destiny and divine purpose live. Life on purpose it is your divine destiny to live life on purpose never give anyone power of attorney over your life no matter what has happened in our life as adults we are responsible to live life on purpose and we are accountable to God and no one else, never let others rain on your parade or steer your boat you are the captain of your own ship, be blessed and have a good Day, Food for thought from the Bishops Corner

The Sign Is Up!

push ministries church

Ready to start services Oct 1, 2017
4297 Skyline Hwy. Galax, Va. 24333

Relationships Are So Important

relationships with your kids - push

Relationships are so important, especially with our youth. I had a very unnerving experience when I took a young person to the Health Dept. They filled out the paperwork and when it came to the part that said who can the dr share information with, they wrote no one. When I told them that their parent would probably want to understand any meds or challenges they had, they said no way.
Apparently if a medical facility is federally or state funded a young person even if they are 10 years old has the right to go to the Health dept and get treated without parental permission or knowledge. This seems very scarey. Just makes it more and more important that as parents we are approachable when our youth have challenges.

First Church Service October 1st, 2017

P.U.S.H. Ministries is pleased to announce the opening of Kingdom Unification Fellowship – Powered by P.U.S.H. Bishop Keith Allen and Pastor Jill Burcham. We invite you to attend our first service October 1, 2017. Below are pictures of our team working to get the church ready.

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