PUSH GA On It’s Way

push ga on its way

God is doing what He does best……Great meeting with Bishop Mike Favors and First Lady Diedra of Empowerment Action Center Marietta, Ga. Stay tuned for details….! P.U.S.H. Ga. on the ground and running!

Change Depends On You

change push ministries

I want to thank God for another day , Awesome God we serve, Life is not fair. No one said it would be, What do you do when you have done all you can do, Sometimes there are decisions that need to be made, Nothing changes unless you change them, Sometimes making changes you might lose some things that you love but does not or is not conclusive to where God is carrying you, You can remain in a relationship that carries you to the same place every year. The first time you can say its a mistake anything more than once its a choice, If what you are doing is keeping you off balance, you have to let it go. Nothing changes unless you change it.

Stop Trying To Understand

push stop trying to understand

AS WE WERE FINISHING at our PUSH bldg in Galax today, a young man stopped by to see what PUSH was about. He was newly ordained and had a heart for feeding the homeless. His conversation was so indicative of many who have a heart to serve. He was frustrated with his church. They didn’t want to support what God had told him his Purpose was……..which was feeding the homeless. They wanted him to stay in their parameters and the Pastor was the visionary and only the Pastor.
Unless the church and Pastors start acknowledging that God is the Visionary and God is the leader, churches are going to continue to lose members. Yes, the Pastor is to be respected but Not worshiped. Yes there have to be some parameters BUT GOD sets the rules and is the visionary. It’s time for Pastors and churches to have an ear to hear what God is saying and get away from what people’s opinions are. Individuals, Communities and our Nation are hurting and need hands on individuals. God is 24/7. Why should we not think “the church” shouldn’t be as well.
It’s time to support those called by God even if it isn’t traditional. Stop trying to understand. Pray and Support what and who God has ordained.

Best Is Yet To Come

best is yet to come push ministries

Want the to thank this Amazing God I serve, He is A Wonderful Savior, there has been times that I have had catastrophic events to happen in my life, I have been on the bottom and the bottom drop out of the bottom and it seemed like I wasn’t going to make it, heart ripped out until I was numb, lied on by people who did not know me, some trials and tribulations where I felt like I could not get up, some induced by decision I made, but God is not slack Concerning his promises not a man that he would lie, 2 years ago on Christmas Eve I was rushed to the stroke center in Huntington WV in transport The devil said I was going to die, or I would walk with a limp, mouth would be twisted, arm and hand would be drawn up but I heard God speak to me and said I couldn’t die and the devil was a liar the father of a lie and a liar from the beginning This Amazing God said the best is yet to come, For you who just go to church and quote scriptures the only way to be filled and fulfilled is to allow the Holy Spirit to saturate and permeates your heart and be Adonai The Lord and Master of your life He will always perform his word, His word will go out and accomplish what he sent it out to do and it will not return void, have a blessed day.
From the Bishops Corner

Let Go & Let God

let go and let god push ministries

WHEN GOD is in control, everything flows. There is a Peace beyond all understanding. When you try to control there are bumps in the road and lots of frustrion – You don’t sleep, you have headaches, stomach aches and continually have a negative attitude. It’s time to Let Go and Let God! There is no comparison…..#Godisgreater…..


come to far

” I’VE COME TOO FAR………nobody told me the road would be easy. I can’t believe He brought me this far to leave me!!”
It’s time to be renewed!! Stop looking back, leave it behind and allow God to lead you to your new!

Strength Of Convictions

push convictions

Step aside, world, and watch what happens when a Leo’s actions are as powerful as her roar. You may grab someone’s attention by boldly announcing your new aspirations. Although most people take you seriously now, they might worry that your agenda is too ambitious. Don’t waste energy trying to prove the validity of your larger-than-life goals; instead, get busy rebuilding society with the strength of your convictions. Leo Tolstoy wrote, “The soul meaning of life is to serve humanity.”

A Time For Healing

I want to Thank God for a new day full of new mercies, God spoke to me about an assignment and crusade that he has ordained for me to carry out in 2018, God spoke to me and said that 2018 would be A Time For healing, He said the church is hurting, my people is hurting and broken and needs to be healed, revival will not come until my people are healed, Jesus spoke and said Healing is the Children’s bread, and by his stripes ye are healed, coming soon to a place near you, From the Bishops Corner

Winds Of Life

push winds of life

I want to thank God for another days journey, I am blessed by the Best, He is an Awesome God, Every day for me is a blessing God gives me a new day with new opportunities another Chance to get it right and because Gods love is unconditional and awesome, I am not exempt from trials tribulations and the storms of life, there is one thing I know as I ride the storms and the winds of life, sometimes I fallen and i did not have the strength to get up and at times did not think I would make it, But This Great God Reaches down with his mighty hand and picks me up and loves me back to health and tells me I am His Son. Thank God For Jesus. I want to encourage someone to Day the same God has you in the Palm of His hand, let Him love you to health.