This Is How God Does It

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I have been very upset about the distribution of food from the Post Office Food Drive. We were told that only one Food Bank was able to handle the capacity. Not one other food bank was contacted including us. God wouldn’t let me post publically BUT what HE did do is send an angel from NC with a truckload of food – YES THIS IS HOW GOD DOES IT!!

Hold On A Minute

push ministries hold on a minute

You drop God’s name to sound important, You go to church to be seen but when a challenge comes you are the first to fall apart. God is not just a name, or thing. God IS the creator, protector, healer, supplier, and lover of all. You HAVE to have relationship in order to bring ALL of his blessings. God does not honor a good actor. He will expose you quickly. Stop the fake. Stop trying to get attention. Truly get to know HIM!!

Just Because

push ministries just because

JUST BECAUSE a friend or family member is overwhelmed with stuff, doesn’t mean it’s you or your fault. Each person chooses how to handle things and if they get stuck on certain issues that is their choice and should not be taken out on you.
Family is supposed to be about Love and not judgement. True Friends, look over the broken fences and concentrate on the flowers.
Love you, know you were created uniquely with a God given purpose. Don’t let others choices of how they see you, define who you are. You were created perfectly in the image of God. Walk in boldness that you Are worthy of the best. Step out, surround yourself with others who are seeking the good, and watch God work

Breakdown Or Breakthrough??

break down or breakthrough push ministries

Today I was counseling a young person about an unfortunate incident that happened. I told them that I knew that I knew they would be ok but they had a choice to look at it as destruction and feed that OR see it as a God breakthrough. I explained that in every situation, GOd allows us to go through to become even stronger and to be immensely blessed!!
Now don’t you know I came home and had to go through myself. The nurse that was to stay with dad tomorrow is having challenges with her car. NO fault of hers. Just circumstances. I know she felt badly and I wanted to cry as I had big plans with some of my children for mother’s day and one of their birthdays.
I had to remind myself of what I had ministered to this young person this morning that was I going to breakdown or was I going to see it as a breakthrough.
After an hour or so I got to see the blessing. God was showing me that each day, our plans need to be His and not ours. That was my breakthrough!! Definitely a GO GOD!!

Are You Getting It?

push ministries are you getting it jills corner

Every morning, I go through the drive and get me an unsweet ice tea with extra ice and extra lemon. Today, I went through and ordered exactly the same and got the reciept. I went to the window and as normal I took a quick sip. It was sweet. Went around and tried again. Took a sip and it was sweet. Third time I went around and it was finally unsweet with no ice.
As I was driving to PUSH I was asking God what was I to get out of this, and this is what I heard. “How many times do you ask for something and people give you what they want you to have and not what you need. You were specific and it took several tries. There was a written reciept, just as I gave a written word but people ignore My word and give you only as they want you to have and don’t follow the instructions on the paper! “
It’s time for people to start truly reading THE instructions and then giving the world their best!

Moving Forward

moving forward push ministries moving and yard work services

P.U.S.H. Ministries is please to announce – MOVING FORWARD. This new program offers people in the community services from well trained, and reasonably priced individuals. Services include:
1) Moving within the area.
2) Mowing and yard clean up
3) Painting shutters and inside rooms
4) Building fencing and much more.
This service is in conjuction with our Joshua Zone ministry which teaches people how to do business and start their own.
For more information, Inbox or Call: 276 235 1059 or 276 235 4987

Bassett Clothing Giveaway

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A very successful clothing giveaway at :
with Pastor Jay Canning and wife Aimee!

Get Out Of The Way

push ministries get out of the way

There is a post floating around about a meth bust that happened in 2014 with pictures. It was reposted tonight. What was not taken into consideration is that these young people paid a price and many are trying to start new lives. Rev. Larry Cutler from Oldtown Church Galax posted this today which I have to say holds a whole lot of truth:
“When you talk negative about someone you are establishing their past as their present and projecting it into their future, hence YOU become the DEMON that they must resist. As Jesus said to Peter “Get thee behind me SATAN!”
Enough said…………….

Flip Flops

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Free Flip Flops at P.U.S.H. Ministries, 117 North Main St. Galax, (around back)