United We Stand


United We Stand is a movement to advocate for those who have been unjustly treated by the law or organizations. We will stand in God’s Truth!

Director Kim Allen

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Our Stories

Michael’s Story

Sentenced 90 years no priors.
Name – Michael Hodge
Born – 6/2/1998
Mother – Kimberly Allen
Father – Michael Roy Hodge
Grew Up – Mt. Hope, WV
Graduated from – Fayetteville High School

My grandfather and brothers were father figures in my life. My mother was a great mentor. I lost my grandmother due to cancer and that was the worst thing that happened in my life.
My mother raised 4 kids by herself. I love her to death. I couldn’t ask for anyone better.
Now straight to the basics. I’ve been given a triple life sentence for something I truly didn’t do. I’ve never been in any type of trouble in my life. Im only 20 years of age. I plan on going to college. Plan on having my own business. I am NOT who the system says I am. I am NOT a monster people known as a guy you can easily get along with. I don’t want to be gone for the rest of my life. I want to have kids and a beautiful family.
I am NOT the person that the judge said I am – far from it. I just pray that all of you don’t give up on me and my brother. We are really good people and we can prove that.

Bryan Allen

Born Bryan Keith Allen 1/24/1989
Mother – Kimberly Allen
Father – Clint Lawson, Sr.
Grew up and lived in Mt. Hope WV
Graduated from Mt. Hope High School
Completed 3 years of college 1 year left for diploma in Business Administration
Straight A’s until 10th grade and made my first B I cried
Played sports from the age f 5
Played football basketball and soccer
Favorite sport was football Favorite number 24
Won scholarship for best athlete in my school and state
Earned a scholarship to play football at WVU Tech. Played for 2 years til I hurt my back and had to quit
Transferred to concord for a year. My siblings got kicked out after the 1st semester so I finished the year and didn’t go back
Extra Curricular activities included: National Honor Society, National Helpers, Upward Bound Program, Who’s Who, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Students against Drunk Drivers.
Biggest Role Model – Leslie Allen my grandfather and person I hope to be like.
Biggest Influence in my life – Fran Allen my grandmother

I lost my grandmother on 2/2/2017 to cancer. I took care of her everyday for 4 months until she went to be with the Lord. Life for me went out of control from there. She was my second mother and I cherished her dearly.
I lost all sense of direction and purpose in my life.
I hated the world and everyone in it because I saw how she was treated by so called friends and our family. While she was steadily dying it put me in a dark place in my life to the point where I turned to drugs and alcohol for comfort every single day – all day. It turned me into a monster.
This is not an excuse but an explanation of when and where my life took a dramatic turn for the worse. I am terribly sorry for the people I hurt that day during the high speed chase but that wasn’t me at all. If I could take it back I would. That’ not the guy people know me as and I for sure don’t want it to be the guy that Im remembered as. It was a bad couple of months. I haven’t been in trouble my whole life. Im thirty years old and being punished for he rest of life for one mistake.
I need you all to fight for me and believe in me because I know God is not done with me yet. My goal and passion in life is to become the man and leader my grandfather told me that I am supposed t be and become a preacher /pastor like my grandfather. Get my diploma in business administration and open my own restaurant.
None of our dad’s were around growing up s I had to grow up quickly and become the man of the house for my family. I had 2 brothers and 1 sister. My mother always held down and job and did her best to support us with the help of no man. I thank God for grandparents we had. They made sure we had what we needed to survive. Our dad’s were always locked up. I didn’t meet my dad til I was 14 and by then in my eyes I was already a man.
Whenever I wasn’t in college I worked at the Mill Creek Saw Mill in Mt Hope getting up at 5 am and had to be there at 6 til 3 pm. Every day I was at work breaking my back for my family. I also worked at UPS for 3 years getting up at 2 am to preload thousands of boxes on the trucks and had to go out and help the drivers deliver them until 8 pm and right back up at 2.
Im a hard worker and I love my family. I’ll do anything for the t make sure we have food in the house and clothes on our backs.

Tony Walton

Sentenced 25 years

As you will see, at the beginning of the 911 call the victim’s husband told 911 that his wife Lori, was being robbed. There was never a statement from this Lori nor was there any testimony concerning who Lori was.
Through 911 transcript, 911 asked the victim to describe the robber. The victim said “ all I know he’s very very black. In the police station she said the robber was 6 ft 2 to 6 ft 4 black man
In the criminal complaint it states that the robber was described by the victim as light skinned black male 6 ft 1 and 270 lbs. Some of this info was in the press release.
All of these statements were given on Dec. 24 2006 and the victims credibility was 100% in tact. She went from she didn’t see him to all I know he as very very black to black man 6 ft 1 to 6 ft 4 then to light skinned black man.
Also the victim was NEVER questioned about the inconsistent descriptions she gave.
The victim stated in the transcripts and at trial that she sprayed the robber with a whole can of mace. I allowed the police the morning of the robbery to tae samples from my skin to text for mace and the test came back negative.
Also, I was 23 when I got charged with basically no criminal record and I got sentenced 50 years plus to 10 years.

From The Bishop’s Corner

By Bishop Keith Allen

I want to Thank God for his protection, His Grace and Mercy as we Take a Stand for Righteousness and for Justice and what is Right in the sight of God, when I look at how our children is being railroaded and herded into prison with sentences that are in just, we must Stand Up and be heard, because these children are somebodies Sons and Daughters, Fathers and Mother’s, Aunts and Uncles not cattle or animals being herded in for the slaughter, They are people who have messed up and they go into a prison system with no reform, no rehabilitation, they want them to come back because prison is big business, we are crying out for our children, we need to do a Crusade and go into the highways byways and compel them to come in and teach them not only the ways of God but the ways of the world, the Bible tells older men to teach the younger men, Mothers teach your daughters, have we felled as the Church having a form of Godliness and denying the responsibility of being a light in a dark world where the Bible sends us into all the world to teach and preach the gospel to go into the highways byways and compel them to come in, how can we be the light of the world when our light is hid under a bush, or behind the four walls of what we call the Church, Just Sayin, From the Bishops Corner.