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We Care - a volunteering project from Cluj-Napoca

We care is a volunteering project started in the fall of 2014 by Maria Paveliuc who had been through University then had a job. However, in Maria's words 'I left the job because I knew that God have a bigger plan for my life!' In the beginning we were four girls willing to go at the Oncological Hospital every Sunday to play with the kids. We had15 lei ($3.77) in our pockets and we bought coloured papers and crayons for the kids and we started to make origami and do painting and modelling play dough with the kids.

We had a blessed time and meanwhile our friends noticed our weekend activity and they started to come with us bringing more materials, puzzles, board games, etc. In very little time we had a team of volunteers and we decided to go to the kids in orphanages, and now we are doing activities and helping them with their homework at five children's homes. We do two hours of craft activities with children who are in hospital and these 2 hours each week make a difference.

We also visit the elders in three retirement homes visiting every Saturday morning or evening. We chat, play chess, read the newspaper and books, and sing. The elders and the kids are very happy to have us and they consider us as very good friends.

Our motto is to share smiles to kids or elders. We met a lot of beautiful people in this volunteering program willing to sacrifice their time and money to help a kid or an elder– Together We Care

We Care
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Be a partner with us to share smiles! We care because we care!

We Care
Maria Paveliuc
Founder of We Care

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