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Knit, crochet & sew for charities

Loving Hands began in June 2007, following a 24 hour 'Charity Knit-a-thon' which took place in the Volunteer Centre, Kirkcaldy, Scotland. The idea was to demonstrate to people that they could volunteer from the comfort of their own homes. The small group formed that day enjoyed it so much they wanted to continue and 'Loving Hands' was born that day! As of December 2016 there are 19 'Loving Hands' groups throughout the UK.

Loving Hands' members knit, crochet and sew items to help people keep warm. The ethos behind Loving Hands is to bring together like-minded crafters to knit, crochet and sew for charities and groups from all over the world. The items are given with love to charitable organisations. Through careful vetting they make sure that every charity, group or individual is taking the items to the areas of most need, delivering them to the people in crisis or animals in need.

They make blankets, knee rugs, shoulder wraps, fiddle mats and muffs for seniors, hats for sailors, warm clothing and teddies & toys for children, warm clothing for homeless adults and children living in freezing conditions in Moldova, Croatia and Romania and within the UK and to Kenya, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Haiti and Gambia.

Kate Gaunt
Loving Hands HQ

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